Diamondbacks Hold Movie Night at Chase Field

A couple of years ago the Arizona Diamondbacks introduced Movie Night at Chase Field. With the team out of town on a road trip they opened up Chase Field to season ticket holders and their guests to come down to the stadium and watch a movie on dbTV.

You would think spending 81 nights a year at Chase Field, the last thing you would want to do would be to go to the ballpark for yet another night. But movie night is different and was a huge hit with my family.

That first year the Diamondbacks showed Field of Dreams to the fans in attendance. There was just something amazing about watching that movie on the centerfield scoreboard in a darkened stadium. You somehow just expected to see Shoeless Joe Jackson smacking his mitt in the left field darkness.

Since that evening my kids have continually asked when the Diamondbacks were going to have another movie night. The Diamondbacks must have heard from other fans as they decided to offer the fans another evening at the movies.

With the team in New York the Diamondbacks selected today to show another classic baseball movie, The Natural starring Robert Redford. This is my favorite film so there was no doubt that we would be attending.

As we arrived at the stadium we were given free parking at the garage adjacent to the ballpark. After walking through a security checkpoint we entered the stadium where we were met by the smiling Season Ticket Representatives welcoming us and give each person a raffle ticket.

There were concession stands open with discounted food such as hot dogs, pop corn, and sodas for $1.50 each. Cold Stone Creamery was also open for those looking for something sweet during the movie.

Before the film started the Diamondbacks raffled off such items as autographed baseballs, bats, and personal DVD players. I’d love to say I was lucky enough to win one of these fabulous prizes but to be honest my raffle number was nowhere near any of the winning entries. My son came within one digit of winning the autographed Justin Upton bat, a memory that will haunt me for the remainder of my days.

I thought the turn out for movie night was pretty good but in a stadium with a capacity of 48,500 it looked pretty empty. Those in attendance seemed to have a great time cheering on the New York Knights and laughing at the losing ways of the Knights.

Perhaps this movie hit a little too close to home since the 2010 Diamondbacks could very well be cast in the part of the Knights before the arrival of Roy Hobbs. I secretly wondered whether the Diamondbacks could bring in the hypnotist to tell the players that “losing is a disease as contagious as Syphilis”

In the end it was an enjoyable evening at the ballpark and left those in attendance with the hopes that one day the Diamondbacks may find their own Roy Hobbs and burst out of the cellar and into contention.

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