Deadlines and New Beginnings

By all accounts August 30th should be like any other day in baseball. There is another five weeks left in the season. Teams in the playoff hunt are trying to solidify their place in the standings and seize momentum heading to the post season.

Teams not bound for the playoffs are trying to maintain their focus hoping to end the season on a bright note, an attitude they can carry with them through the long off-season as they prepare for next year.

Team’s front office staff are wading through waiver wire transactions trying to determine whether the can make one more deal before the August 31st deadline when players can be included on a team’s post season roster.

For Arizona Diamondbacks fans and in particular Season Ticket Holders, today is an important day. August 30th marks the first deadline for renewing their season tickets.

For fans such as myself the decision is relatively easy. Will there be baseball in 2011 and do I plan to still be breathing? Its hard to comprehend anyone considering not renewing their tickets.

Granted, when your team is some 26 games below .500 it can sometimes be difficult to get enthusiastic about handing over money to watch the team possibly fail for yet another year. At those times I like to paraphrase a bumper sticker I once saw on the back of a fishing boat, “Even the worst day of baseball is better than the best day of work”.

I try not to contemplate why someone put a bumper sticker on a boat that did not have a bumper. That kind of pondering will make you crazy. Instead i try to focus on the message.

No matter how many times you watch your team seemingly invent new ways to lose, there is just something magical about being at the ballpark. So when the deadline arrived I gladly gave the Arizona Diamondbacks my renewal papers eager to be counted as a 2011 Season Ticket holder.

I’m looking forward to April 2011 when all the teams start anew with dreams of winning the World Series. I’ll be there in Section 132 Row 9 Seat 9 cheering and envisioning how i will feel when it’s my team representing the National League in the World Series.



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