Diamondbacks Offer Another Benefit For Season Ticket Holders

As we arrived at Chase Field, there appeared to be a large group of people collecting near the Season Ticket Services area behind Section 111-112. Looking at those in line I recognized several as being current Diamondbacks Season Ticket Holders.

At the front of the group were members of the Diamondbacks Season Ticket Holder services group. They were checking names against a printed list and giving fans colored wrist bands. Curious I stopped to find out what the commotion was.

As a way of thanking the loyal Season Ticket Holders, the Diamondbacks are offering an opportunity to meet some of the Diamondbacks players and have them sign autographs. Season Ticket Services are making their way through the list of Season Ticket Holders between now and the end of the season.

Season Ticket Holders are being identified and invited in the order of their priority number on their accounts. So if you are a current Diamondbacks Season Ticket Holder don’t be surprised if your Season Ticket Representative contacts you and invites you down to the ballpark a little early to meet some of the Diamondbacks players and have them sign an autograph.

This is just another one of the benefits for being a Season Ticket Holder. You never know when the Diamondbacks will call and give you an opportunity of a lifetime.

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