Replica Spring Training Stadium Giveaway

I’ll admit, I am a junkie for stadium swag. Every year when the Arizona Diamondbacks release their promotional schedule I will scour Internet looking for photos and information about each and every free stadium giveaway.

On days when the team is giving away a particular item I will make my way down to the stadium hours before first pitch just to make sure I am able to obtain one of the giveaways. This obsessive behavior is usually saved for bobble heads but in certain cases it can extend to other games as well.

Today happened to be just such an occasion. Since the day the schedule was announced I have been looking forward to this game. It was not the fact that the Diamondbacks would be playing the Colorado Rockies in what everyone hoped would be a game with post-season implications. No, it had everything to do with the promotional item.

For the first 15,000 fans attending the game, the Diamondbacks were giving a replica of the new Spring Training complex known as Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. This is the new Spring Training home for the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies.

Having been invited to the ground breaking ceremony last November, I have felt a special bond with the new complex so to have a small model of the new stadium seemed perfect.

Obviously I was not alone in this feeling. Arriving at Chase Field there were already large crowds wandering around the plaza waiting for the gates to open. In the past month the Diamondbacks had set records for lowest attendance in Chase Field history but tonight would not be one of those games.

Instead of the usual 15-16,000 fans the Diamondbacks saw a crowd of 37,631 come through the gates to see the game. With only 15,000 replica stadiums available over half the crowd were disappointed.

The Diamondbacks attempted to make up for the shortage by giving the fans a competitive game for the second night in a row beating the Rockies by a score of 3-1. It was a great game but even better with the inclusion of the replica stadium

As I arrived home after the game I removed the replica and placed it next to the replica of Bank One Ballpark I received years earlier. This was definitely one of the best stadium giveaways the Diamondbacks have had in recent history.

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