Fandemonium Invades Chase Field

In a tradition that began in 1998, the final weekend series at Chase Field is designated as Fandemonium. These two games allow the Diamondbacks organization and the players an opportunity to thank the loyal fans for their support throughout the year.

It is always festive at Fandemonium. It is a chance to celebrate the excitement of baseball and to bid a warm farewell to the baseball season before the doors close until next April. Besides the baseball game there are also other activities at Fandemonium.

Throughout the game lucky seat locations are called with the fan sitting in those seats awarded prizes. These can be as small as an extra stadium giveaway to as large as a trip to the World Series, or All-Star game.

I have attended Fandemonium for the past 13 years and thoroughly enjoy it. In those 13 years I have yet to win a prize but like those chronic gamblers who continue to play the lottery despite the miniscule odds of winning, I believe this year is going to be the year.

Besides the giveaways during Fandemonium the Diamondbacks have another opportunity for fans to win. Each season they conduct “Shirts Off Our D-backs”. For a $5 donation you receive three scratcher tickets.

Winners will be given an opportunity to go down onto the playing field after Sunday’s home finale and be given the jersey of one of the Diamondbacks players or coaches.

The money raised goes towards the United Way so the big winner is charity. Each year the kids and I buy hands full of tickets and eagerly scratch off hoping we were chosen to receive of the jerseys.

So far we have never won but we have donated quite a sum of money towards charity so we still feel like a winner. This year the Diamondbacks have felt our pain. For those who do not win a jersey, there are other prizes available so every card wins something.

Through the first game of this series I’ve still yet to win a jersey but I did receive coupons for a percentage off at the Team Shop and an opportunity to buy one game ticket in 2011 and receive one for free.

While I am already starting to feel the pangs of depression at the thoughts that baseball season is nearly over, I am looking forward to the final two games not just for the on-field product and hopefully a couple of wins for the Diamondbacks but also for a chance to experience a game at Chase Field one last time in 2010.

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