State of the Home Stand Address – August 30-September 8

Whenever the Diamondbacks bullpen is involved in a game, it is a signal to firmly grasp the edge of your seat because things are about to get a little crazy. Juan Gutierrez entered the game against the San Francisco Giants with a two run lead.

He immediately gave up a lead-off double to bring the tying run to the plate. After getting everyone’s attention he retired the next three batters earning his eighth save of the season.

With the final out recorded the Diamondbacks concluded their home stand and embarked on the second to last road trip of the 2010 season.

That means it is time once again for another edition of the State of the Home Stand Address where I attempt to give a brief synopsis of the of the just concluded home stand. As always let’s begin with a disclaimer, the viewpoints expressed here are my own personal opinions and do not reflect the views of Major League Baseball, or any sane human being.

Any coherent thoughts either real or fictional are purely coincidental and are not meant to be taken internally. Should this happen please induce vomiting and immediately contact your doctor. Objects appearing in the blog may be closer than they appear. Your mileage may vary. Well that should protect us from any legal challenges that may arise.

The home stand began with a three-game series against the National League West leading San Diego Padres. The Padres had been struggling since the Diamondbacks defeated them in the final game of the series a week previously at Petco Park.

Arizona continued to play well and swept the Padres in their final trip to Chase Field this season. During this series the Diamondbacks outscored the Padres 19-8. After the Padres limped out of town the Houston Astros came to Phoenix.

The Diamondbacks would take the first game of the series but then dropped the next two games. Each of the three against the Astros was hard fought and every game was decided by a single win.

The Diamondbacks bullpen continued to struggle giving up runs late to decide the game in favor of the visiting team. The home stand concluded with a three-game series with the San Francisco Giants.

As was the case with the Astros series, all three games against the Giants were close games that could have gone either way. In the end San Francisco took the first two games of the series with the Diamondbacks taking the final game.

With the 2010 season winding down, there is not a lot of new items appearing at Chase Field. There is a new sign in left field taking the place of the Dial soap sign there earlier.

The sponsor is Henkel and they seem to be replacing their signage regularly which is a nice change from the other signs that feel as though they have been there forever.

From a concessionaire perspective I continue to be impressed with the candied almonds available at Cactus Corn stand on the main concourse. They are a great value and are the most delicious treat in the ballpark.

My wife gave this vendor the highest compliment when stated, “I’ll go to any game you want me to as long as you buy me some almonds”. This comes from a woman who usually complains that I spend 83 days a year at Chase Field.

The Diamondbacks set out on a 10-game road trip to Colorado, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. The team returns to Chase Field on September 21st for the final home stand of the year featuring the Colorado Rockies and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Make plans now to be at Chase Field. Saturday September 25 and Sunday September 26 will be Fandemonium, an event you don’t want to miss so get your tickets now.

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