Let the Free Agent Madness Begin

Across the country as people were preparing for bed they were reminded by their significant other to change the clocks. In the old adage, “Spring Forward, Fall Back” clocks were turned back an hour signifying the end of Daylight Saving Time.

This tradition is lost on anyone living in Arizona. As a state we refuse to get involved in this clock conspiracy instead taking the advice of Ron Popeil, when he suggested, “Just set it and forget it.” Lest you think the residents of Arizona blindly follow Mr. Popeil’s advice, we don’t follow everything he says as witnessed by the large number of bald men who choose not to utilize the hair in a can spray.

Daylight Saving time was not the only time event tonight. When 12:01 AM arrived it did not signify the time when clocks move backwards. Instead, it ushered in the beginning of free agent season.

In years past teams had a couple of weeks after the World Series to negotiate exclusively with their free agent players. This year that timeline was compressed to five days after the Giants won Game 5.

For the Arizona Diamondbacks this meant that they had lost exclusive negotiation rights with right-hander Brandon Webb, their highest profile free agent. They chose instead to let Webb explore the free agent market hoping other clubs would help set the value on a pitcher who has not thrown in a game since Opening Day 2009.

I’m not sure what I expected to happen at 12:01 AM. Most if not all of the General Managers of the 30 MLB teams were likely in bed or wandering around looking for instructions on how to change the time on their microwave ovens or VCRs.

But I could not let this deadline pass without some sort of recognition. I put on my Diamondbacks hat, grabbed my duck call, and wandered outside to the front yard. I blew on the duck call and yelled, “HAPPY FREE AGENT CAN BEGIN SIGNING DAY!”

The neighbor’s dog began parking and t could hear the baby next-door start crying. I decided maybe it would be best to go back in the house before someone decided to call the police.

Clearly this is not as big a holiday as I had expected. I probably should have figured that out when I could not find any Free Agent Can Begin Signing decorations at the local Party City store.

Well I can at least say it didn’t go completely unnoticed. Me, the baby next door, and the neighbor’s dog can say we were there when it all started although I have a feeling I’ll be the only one to remember that.

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