More Chase Field Observations

During the recent Season Ticket Holder Seat Relocation event, I jotted down a few notes not necessarily related to seat relocation but none the less rather interesting. I completely forgot about these notes until my wife washed my jeans.

Now I have what looks like a paper blog with partially legible ink strokes wrapped in dryer lint. I’ll attempt to decipher this mess but don’t hold me to any of this.

When I arrived at Chase Field for the event, the Season Ticket Services team held the introduction in the rotunda rather than on the main concourse as is normally the case. The reason for this was explained as a result of construction noise within Chase Field.

The noise is a result of air compressors. The Maricopa County Stadium District is having the roof to Chase Field cleaned before the 2011 season begins. Diamondbacks fans have been asking for several years when this would be completed.

When the stadium name changed from Bank One Ballpark to Chase Field, the Bank One logo was removed from the roof leaving that part stark white compared to the remainder of the roof’s dirty appearance.

The work is to continue through the end of the year. The first two panels already look much better so next time you drive past the stadium or fly into or out of Phoenix check out the progress.

I spoke with several members of the Season Ticket Services team asking about upcoming events this off-season. Two in particular caught my attention. Early next month the Diamondbacks will be holding a seat selection event allowing Season Ticket Holders an opportunity to select seats at the new Spring Training facility in Scottsdale.

The Diamondbacks will once again be offering a behind-the-scenes tour of Chase Field this off-season. If you have not had an opportunity to take this tour I highly recommend it. It is fascinating and you gain access to areas in the ballpark that are typically off-limits to fans.

I asked if there would be a similar behind-the-scenes tour of the new Spring Training facility. That is what I am looking forward to. Unfortunately it does not appear to be an option being considered at this time. This is due to timing since the new facility is currently under construction.

That was disappointing to hear, I was hoping there was a small window where we could be able to tour the facility before Spring Training starts next March. Hopefully this is something the Diamondbacks will consider next season.

As I was leaving Chase Field I happened to talk to Cory Parsons – Senior Manager Season Ticket Services. We talked about the Season Ticket Holder Advisory Panel (a great idea and the Diamondbacks did an outstanding job identifying members of this panel). Cory wanted to let me know that the panel had acted on some of the suggestions I had sent in.

Look for an upcoming announcement from the team and the advisory panel on special merchandise. I was pretty excited to hear the news, I now have something to add to my Christmas or birthday wish list.

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