Why Is There No Rookies Day?

Growing up, I was there to give gifts and thanks to my mother each May for Mothers Day. In mid-June I would come bearing gifts again paying tribute to my father and thanking him for all that he has done for me in my life.

At the conclusion of those two holidays, I always had the same question for my parents, “If there is a Mothers Day and a Fathers Day, why isn’t there a Kids Day?” My mother would always smile and give me the same answer, “Every day is Kids Day.”

I’m not sure how she could say that with a straight face. After all, I got up every morning and walked into the kitchen for a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal and I was never greeted with cards or presents.

Hallmark never had a section of greeting cards celebrating the accomplishments of Kids Day. No calendar ever listed Kids Day as a holiday. To make matters even worse when I got older there suddenly became a Grandparents Day. Seriously? That’s kind of double dipping if you ask me. After all every grandparent I ever met was also a Father or a Mother by definition.

I am reminded of how unfair this is every November when the country celebrates Veteran’s Day without a mention that at one point every one of these veterans had to break into the big leagues. Why isn’t there a Rookies Day?

If anyone needed a day it is the rookies. After all, the veterans have battled through fighting for a roster spot worrying whether they will make the 25-man roster. The veterans have established themselves and many now have staked claim to a starting position in the line-up.

Rookies are subjected to hazing and have to wear women’s clothing during a road trip and have to carry the pink Hello Kitty backpack to the bullpen. They end up waiting on the veterans under the auspices of “earning their spot”.

In a lot of cases the rookies are paid league minimum while the veterans have signed long-term contracts some for millions of dollars that will set them up financially for not just their lifetime but also the lifetime of their children.

Yeah, this is definitely just as bad as getting gypped out of Kids Day. So while I appreciate all that the veterans have done in Major League Baseball I am here to say thanks to all the rookies who still have that wide-eyed glaze when they walk onto the playing field for the first time.

To all of those who get a whipped cream pie in the face after their first hit or first win, I say thanks from one baseball fan. You are the future of the game and I plan on celebrating Rookies Day, On my calendar it is the day after National Hot Dog Day unless it’s a leap year then it is two days afterward.

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