A Fan Wherever You Go

As I laid on the gurney the nurses were going about their business getting things ready before wheeling me into the operating room. I lay there watching them connect various pieces of machinery to my to monitor my vital signs.

The “procedure” was supposed to be relatively simple and I should be back to normal in a few days or weeks. I’m not a big fan of the medical community as a whole so this reassurance didn’t leave me feeling all that great. But after a recent set of tests I knew I had little choice but to go through this.

For what seemed like the tenth time nurses tapped into a vein for yet another vial of blood for “more tests”. I had to wonder if perhaps they were really selling my blood on the black market or raising a flock of vampires.

I watched as yet another tube filled with blood and commented matter of factly, “huh, what do you know I do bleed Sedona Red.” The nurse started to giggle at my comment and I replied, “it’s a good thing the Diamondbacks changed their color scheme in 2006. You have no idea how hard it was to bleed purple and teal.”

With that comment even the doctor chuckled. Before long we were talking about baseball and the moves the Diamondbacks had made this off-season. I had completely forgotten they were taking me into surgery.

Finally, the anesthesiologist said it was time to put an end to this baseball talk. From the look in his eye he was probably a Yankees fan or worse he rooted for the Red Sox. He suggested I count down the days to Spring Training. By the time I got to three I was out.

I don’t remember much after that except I was dreaming of Opening Day and the Diamondbacks were winning. I was relieved to know that at least the surgeon and the nurses were baseball fans. It just goes to show; you can find a Diamondbacks fan wherever you go.

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