My family has long held the belief that baseball is the most important thing in my life. I keep reassuring them that is not the case and how I definitely would choose family over baseball at least I think I would.

Still no one is willing to test that theory. When my daughter decided to get married in April of last year, the anxiety levels around our house went up dramatically. The bride-to-be and my wife were stressed out because of all the wedding details that had to be planned. As the father of the bride I should have been stressed about how much this was going to cost me (by the way, weddings are a lot more expensive than Season Tickets and you don’t even get game day giveaways.)

Rather than worrying about how much was going out for caterers, wedding cakes, photographers, etc., I was worried about the date. When they decided the month would be April I was immediately concerned that she may select a date where the Diamondbacks were in town and despite how influential I was, it was doubtful I could get her to have her reception at Chase Field.

After a few desperate calls to the Diamondbacks I was able to get a preliminary season schedule to make sure she was getting married on an away game date or even better during an off day; crisis averted.

I thought I was out of the woods for 2011. After all I had no children who were even dating let alone contemplating marriage so I figured I was pretty safe. All of that changed last week.

My son came home with a paper from his teacher with an itinerary for his upcoming band trip to Disneyland. As a family we had planned to be at the Disney parks during the same time to see him perform and have some fun in the process.

The date of the trip was February so I was pretty confident that there wouldn’t be a problem with baseball. Everything seemed like a go. My wife and kids have been looking forward to this since school started.

So last week when my son brought home the details of the trip I was shocked to find out the actual date. According to the calendar they have chosen the second week in February to be in Disneyland, which incidentally is the same week as the annual Diamondbacks FanFest.

What could the school possibly be thinking? Depriving kids from the opportunity to go down onto the playing surface at Chase Field seemed more like detention to me. I tried calling the school to express my concerns but instead of understanding I was met with blank stares. Surely they were not going to go through with this, would they?

Alas, they were steadfast in their decision to be gone during Diamondbacks FanFest. Those poor band members were going to miss a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth (Chase Field) to be at the Second Happiest Place on Earth (Disneyland).

So while the other kids will be forced to eat Mickey Bars, ride Space Mountain, and visit Donald Duck; my kids will get to tour the Diamondbacks clubhouse, play whiffleball with Diamondbacks players, sample ballpark food, and meet Baxter.

I figure this may just put me over the top; I can definitely see a nomination for Father of the Year for this one. Good thing I got involved in my kids’ education; this could have been a disaster.