T-Minus One Month and Counting

I am almost giddy with anticipation. Looking at the calendar I realized we are exactly one month away. Going through the shopping centers I am already starting to see signs of the upcoming holiday.

The red decorations filled with hearts abound along with flowers and chocolates. I can understand the decorations and hearts but the flowers and chocolates kind of confuse me. When exactly did someone decide that you needed flowers and chocolates to celebrate pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training?

Well I guess I can understand the flowers. After all flowers will be blooming in Arizona and Florida when camps open and maybe that is what people need to remind them that the Off-Season is now over and Spring Training has begun.

I am at a loss on the chocolates though. I mean chocolate melts in Arizona especially with temperatures reaching the mid to upper 70’s by the time Spring Training ends. That is just going to make a mess.

There has to be another gift idea that is better suited to such a glorious day. Maybe Cracker Jacks or peanuts would be a better choice. I mean what woman would not want to get a large box of Cracker Jacks on February 14th? Besides the caramel popcorn you also get a cool prize.

Yeah I am definitely going to get my wife Cracker Jacks. I’m sure she would appreciate that a lot more than some melted chocolate that had been sitting in the parked car while we took a romantic walk around Salt River Fields at Talking Stick to see pitchers and catchers play catch.

It’s getting close, you can almost feel the love that’s in the air.

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