Chase Field Changes

While the fans may have been dormant during the off-season the Arizona Diamondbacks were far from idle. A lot of the hard work the team put in is on the diamond with multiple changes made to a roster that has finished in the cellar of the National League West for two straight years.

It was not just the on-field product that has gone through a facelift. With Arizona scheduled to host the 2011 All-Star game at Chase Field the team has been busy modifying and upgrading parts of the facility to make it state of the art.

The dbTV scoreboard above center field has been the talk of the town since it was first installed. It is amazing to watch and the high definition graphics are crystal clear. This year the Diamondbacks added two new LED boards to each side of dbTV.

These two new boards show the home team and visiting team line-ups and are capable of being reconfigured to whatever the team chooses to display there. This is a far cry better than the old boards that were made up of individual light bulbs.

The Diamondbacks also took this off-season to do a little spring cleaning. The roof to Chase Field was painstakingly cleaned to a bright white that hasn’t been seen since the inaugural 1998 season.

New Chase Field logos adorn the roof where the Bank One Ballpark logos were before. It looks great and really shows off the architecture of the stadium roof lines.

Along the outfield walls are large panels that flank dbTV. These panels open to provide additional ventilation. Since the stadium was built these panels had mosaics of baseball players and poses.

For the 2011 season those mosaics were removed and replaced with high definition photos of the Arizona Diamondbacks players and coaches. I really loved the mosaics so this change is going to take some getting used to for me.

There were numerous other changes that could be seen by the observant fan. I will leave the others to the first State of the Home Stand address after the first home stand of 2011.

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