All-Star FanFest Ticket Hunt

As a father of five children, I have sat through more than my fair share of Dora the Explorer episodes and before you scratch your head wondering how a children’s television program is related to baseball and in particular the Arizona Diamondbacks let’s not forget that former Diamondbacks second baseman Matt Kata had a brother who played Boots the Monkey in the live action Dora the Explorer show that toured the country. (Yeah I know, the fact that I know that scares me too). Today is not about reminiscing over former players or arguing who had the better career Matt as a major league baseball player or his brother who played a monkey.

One of the great things about Dora the Explorer was her ability to embark on a trip each episode in an effort to find something or help someone. With her trusty sidekick Boots she would set out to make the world a better place. And you had to love Dora if for no other reason she was an avid baseball fan playing on a team along with Boots (hence why they needed Matt Kata’s brother I am sure).

With the 2011 MLB All-Star coming to Phoenix this summer there are all kinds of activities that will be held for all levels of fans. One of the ones I’m most excited about is the MLB All-Star FanFest.

The FanFest, which runs from July 8 – 12, is like an amusement park for baseball fans. There are interactive events for fans of all ages allowing you to try your hand at running the bases like Jose Reyes, matching the throwing speed of Aroldis Chapman, or announcing a game like the late Harry Carey.

There will also be some of the game’s great players attending FanFest and interacting with the fans signing autographs and telling stories of what it’s like to play the game. The Diamondbacks announced yesterday that right fielder Justin Upton will act as the official spokesperson for FanFest.

In one of the first announcements in his new role, Upton introduced the return of the All-Star FanFest Ticket Hunt. Beginning at 3:30 PM April 14, 2011 Major League Baseball will begin unveiling clues for six lucky fans to find special ticket packages to attend FanFest.

Think of it as a real live Dora the Explorer episode without the smell of a monkey sidekick. The first eligible fan to decipher the clues and find the ticket package will be awarded the prize. For two lucky fans Upton along with All-Star game ambassador Luis Gonzalez will greet and congratulate the winners.

The Ticket Hunt is open to all residents of Arizona 18 years and older. Clues will be announced at beginning at 3:30 PM so don your best Dora the Explorer costume and venture over and join in on the Ticket Hunt.

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