All-Star Cacti Scenic Tour

Beginning in mid-June, the Arizona Diamondbacks in conjunction with Major League Baseball began distributing All-Star Cactus statues throughout the valley at key locations. The statues were designed by licensee Forever Collectibles and each stand a little over 7-feet tall and weigh 700 pounds.

There are four different themed cacti designed to celebrate the All-Star game being held in Phoenix on July 12th. The themed statues have become sort of a tradition for MLB. In 2008 when the All-Star game was played in New York; there were themed Statues of Liberty; one for each team. Last year with the game in Anaheim there were statues of Mickey Mouse again adorned with the color schemes for each franchise.

I had expected that Major League Baseball would commission a cactus painted for each of the 30 MLB franchises. Instead they are more generic and oriented towards the host city of Phoenix. The first cactus is Sedona Red and Sonoran Sand and decorated with the All-Star game logo.

The second cactus is Black, Sedona Red, and Sonoran Sand and is adorned with the logos of the Arizona Diamondbacks. This cactus represents the current color scheme of the Diamondbacks, which the team has worn since the 2007 season.

The third cactus represents the history of the Arizona Diamondbacks. It has the Purple, Teal, and Copper, which were the original colors of the franchise on one arm of the saguaro. The other arm is Sedona Red representing the new color scheme from the franchise. The center is Sonoran Sand. The cactus itself is decorated with every logo and sleeve patch the Arizona Diamondbacks have ever worn in their history.

The final cactus is Black and Gray and has the logo from each of the 30 MLB franchises decorating the cactus. This reminds everyone of the teams that will be represented at the All-Star game.

As fans begin to arrive in Phoenix, they will undoubtedly come across one of these cacti in their travels. The question is, will the fans be able to find all ten? In an effort to help, I’ve created a list of each location. Hopefully it will help fans in their quest to find all of the festive cacti.

The ten All-Star cactus statues are located at:

  • Glendale – Westgate Shopping Center near the Arena
  • Mesa – Downtown near Main Street and Center Street located among the street sculptures
  • Phoenix – Chase Field near the ticket windows
  • Phoenix – Phoenix Convention Center near 3rd Street between Monroe and Washington
  • Phoenix – Phoenix Convention Center near 2nd Street and Adams Street
  • Phoenix – At the Sheraton Resort at 340 North 3rd Street
  • Phoenix – At the Wyndham Resort at 50 East Adams Street
  • Scottsdale – Scottsdale Fashion Square on Camelback Road
  • Scottsdale – Tommy Bahama Restaurant at 15205 N Kierland Blvd.
  • Tempe – In the Mill Avenue District near 5th and Mill Avenue

As you can see, the statues have been placed in areas near must see locations for anyone visiting Phoenix. So while you are visiting Phoenix for the All-Star festivities be on the look out for these unique statues.

If you would like a replica, the Chase Field Team Shop and the MLB Shop online are selling 7-inch versions that weigh a lot less and will be much easier to get in your suitcase to take home. As for me, I am still trying to talk my wife into letting me buy one of the 7-foot versions to put in our backyard. Now that would be cool!

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