Diamondbacks Ink Top Draft Pick

It has been a busy time for Arizona Diamondbacks first-round pick Trevor Bauer. Shortly after his collegiate career ended Bauer became the number three selection of the 2011 amateur draft going to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Shortly after his selection Bauer came to Phoenix and met with members of the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was taken on a tour of Chase Field and Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. It was clear to anyone who saw him that Bauer was eager to begin his professional baseball career.

Of all the first round draft picks it was believed that Bauer would be the easiest one to sign. Not because salary terms had already been decided but because of Bauer’s eagerness to get back on the field.

Trevor Bauer is a baseball player. That phrase sounds so simple but to people like Bauer it means so much more. There is nothing about the game that he doesn’t study or love. From his unique workout routines to studying players and situations, Bauer makes the most of every opportunity.

It had been rumored that the Diamondbacks would take as much time as possible to sign their two first-round draft picks. Not because of difficult negotiations but because they wanted to manage how much work these selections would get this season.

In Bauer’s situation he has already thrown 136 2/3 innings, which is a fairly heavy load for a college pitcher. Knowing how eager he was to get back out on the mound the Diamondbacks wanted to manage the workload he would have once he turned professional.

The Diamondbacks were right in that decision, when Bauer agreed to terms with the team on a contract he wanted to immediately know when he could get started. You have to admire the tenacity he shows. That kind of eagerness will endure him to the Diamondbacks fans who love their players to be committed to the game and the team.

Bauer signed a major league contract and was immediately placed on the 40-man roster. That distinction shows how much Bauer and the Diamondbacks believe that he could compete at the major league level quickly.

The first step on his journey to Chase Field will being in Visalia California as a member of the Rawhide. He will be placed on a 40-pitch count or two innings for his first outing. Depending on that he will be stretched out over the remainder of the season with an innings limit of around 170.

It will depend on Bauer whether those 31 remaining innings will be in the minor leagues or whether he will mimic San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum and rocket through the minors and end up on the Diamondbacks roster in September.

The sky is the limit for the Golden Spikes winner as the best pitcher in college baseball. Diamondbacks fans may not have long to wait before number 4 emerges from the Chase Field third base dugout and makes his way to the mound for the home team. With the trade deadline less than a week away the Diamondbacks may have just found that impact player that will push them to the post season and they didn’t have to give up anything to get him.

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