Diamondbacks Release 2012 Schedule

There are two weeks remaining in the 2011 MLB regular season and several positions for the post season are still waiting to be decided. While the Diamondbacks have a comfortable lead over the San Francisco Giants history has proven that anything can happen during September.

With the excitement building towards the 2011 playoffs, Major League Baseball choose to announce the 2012 schedule. You know, because April 6th is just around the corner. Schedule announcement day is alway special. There in front of you are all your hopes and freaks neatly contained in 162 little packages.

The Diamondbacks will begin the season at home hosting the San Francisco Giants in an afternoon game which will hopefully feature Chase Field with the roof open. After a brief three-game home stand the D-backs will travel to San Diego and Colorado before returning home to face the Pirates, Braves, and Phillies.

The Interleague match-ups for 2012 include American League Western Division with home series against the Athletics and Mariners. They will visit the Angels, Rangers, and the AL Central Kansas City Royals.

The season ends with the D-backs facing each of the NL West teams with a three-game series against the Chicago Cubs during the final home stand which ends with a three-game set with the Colorado Rockies.

As I was gazing at the schedule and daydreaming about how each game would play out I suddenly stopped dead. My youngest daughter is graduating from high school next year and despite my protests at the school district the school still insisted on holding graduation ceremonies during baseball season. This had danger written all over it.

“Trina? Do you think there is any way Whitney won’t graduate from high school?” I asked almost hopefully.

“Well she has been on the honor roll since sixth grade so I’m pretty sure she will be fine, why?” she asked skeptically.

“Do we know when graduation is and is it really something I have to be at?”

“it is usually the latter part of May and yes you have to go, why?”

I could already sense from the tone of her voice that suggesting we video tape graduation so we could go to a baseball game was probably going to land me on the couch again, or worse.

“Oh I was just curious. Do we have the actual date?” I asked praying that somehow the Baseball Gods would smile favorably on me or at the very least would welcome me to baseball heaven in case my wife decided this was grounds for killing me.

“Graduation is May 24th.”

Oh man, I was sweating bullets. I knew the Diamondbacks were at home that week. I crossed my fingers and pulled up the schedule. Thursday May 24th, off-day sandwiched between a series with the Dodgers and the Brewers!

Relief rushed over me for dodging a bullet there. I wasn’t completely out of the woods. Trina reminded me that we had graduation activities the evening of May 23rd. I again whipped out the schedule to see the Diamondbacks had a getaway day game on that Wednesday.

I immediately leapt up and began the happy dance praising the Baseball Gods and the MLB scheduling geeks. I am here to testify that God does love baseball and especially the Arizona Diamondbacks. There is no other explanation. Oh and as a bonus the Diamondbacks are at home for our wedding anniversary so Trina can breath easy knowing she will have a romantic evening at the ballpark watching the D-backs play the Mariners. Life will be perfect as soon as I can talk the Team Shop into carrying greeting cards.

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