Long, Long Ago in a Ballpark Far, Far Away…

There is nothing that says baseball quite like Storm Troopers, a rebel alliance, and a couple of Sith Lords right? Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. The Arizona Diamondbacks will be staging Star Wars day at the ballpark on Sunday September 25th.

I have to admit, I am just a little nervous about what we can expect on that day. While visions of Princess Leia in her Jabba the Hut slave costume dance around my head I can’t help but thing we’re more likely to see Jabba than the princess.

When I first heard there would be a Star Wars day I was really hoping the Diamondbacks would be playing the San Diego Padres. I mean who wouldn’t want a Star Wars shirt that said, “Luke, I’m not your Padre!” Alas, that dream match-up will not occur. Instead the Diamondbacks will be playing the San Francisco Giants.

That does make for an interesting battle where the undermanned D-backs battle Darth Lincecum and Emperor Bochy. The rebels will send young Ian Skywalker in his X-wing fighter to attempt to destroy the Giants Deathstar with one fastball. You just have to believe that Obi-Wan Gibson will at some point walk to the mound and utter the words, “Use the Force Ian, use the Force.”

As for me, I’ll be out looking for a Storm Trooper outfit to wear to the game. If a guy keeping score while wearing a Stormtrooper costume can’t make kiss cam, then I give up. Now if I can just talk my wife into wearing the Princess Leia slave costume then my path to the dark side will be complete.

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