They Be Walking the Plank, The Scurvy Dogs

Sometimes you have to tip your hats to the scheduling gurus at Major League Baseball. A lot of people will point to the September schedule and applaud the job they did to create meaningful match-ups as the season winds down.

There are the series between the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox which have made a race out of the AL Wild Card which two weeks ago everyone thought was already decided. There is also the potential first round match-up between the Philadelphia Phillies and the surging St. Louis Cardinals.

Perhaps the most interesting match-up is tonight’s game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Pittsburgh Pirates. From a standings perspective it’s not the most glamorous of games. A month ago when the Pirates were winning games and in the hunt for the NL Central crown it looked like a series that could decide playoff contenders and showcase the two managers most likely to win the NL Manager of the Year.

A series of losses by the Pirates coupled with a run by the Diamondbacks has changed that outlook. The Pirates have once again guaranteed them of yet another losing record. The Diamondbacks could all but clinch the NL West winning these next three games. So why is tonight’s game so interesting?

Today is national Talk Like a Pirate Day. I’m looking forward to tonight’s game and seeing Kirk Gibson wearing an eye patch hobbling on a wooden peg leg with a parrot on his shoulder. I want to hear the PA Announcer for the Diamondbacks begin each player introduction with, “Aaarrrgggg!”

I want to see Baxter get into a sword fight with Mike and Vanesa and raise the Jolly Roger flag over the D-backs dugout. I want to hear the cannons fire a warning shot over Bobby Freeman’s organ near the Sandlot.

Only one team is lucky enough to play the Pirates on Talk Like a Pirate Day and thanks to the MLB scheduling guys we got it. So break out the dabloons and come down to Chase Field and watch the D-backs Red Beard go for win number 20. Aaarrrgggg!

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