Groundhog Day

One of my favorite non-baseball movies of all time is Groundhog Day. I know what you are thinking; yes I do sometimes watch something that is not baseball related. In most of those cases I am either in route to an emergency room or am suffering from some kind of disease that requires massive amounts of prescription medication to overcome but there are those rare occasions when something non-baseball disrupts my life.

It is traditional in our house to celebrate Groundhog Day in a very traditional sense. I try not to go outside for fear of seeing my shadow, I attempt to hibernate under my covers for at least six more weeks, and I have a meal consisting of ground hog meat. It is important to note that I wrote “ground” and “hog” separately. You miss just one little space between those words and you find yourself eating road kill. The evening ends with the family curled up on the couch watching the 1993 movie starring Bill Murray (who incidentally is a huge baseball fan and a minor league baseball owner to boot).

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