D-backs Promotions Schedule Announced

Each year during FanFest the Arizona Diamondbacks announce the upcoming game day giveaways for the season. Now personally I don’t much care whether there is a giveaway or not since I will be at the game regardless but for my family and especially my kids this is a big deal.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not opposed to getting free things for watching a baseball game. In fact if you ask my wife I am obsessed. Wait, she may just be talking about being obsessed with baseball not necessarily with the stadium giveaways. It’s hard to tell since she usually makes this statement when she has to dust the 40 some odd bobble heads that sit above my desk. She threatens to not dust them but after I tell her I am cool with that because dust makes them look more authentic she relents and spends a day cleaning them.

Getting the Diamondbacks promotional calendar is something akin to receiving a Christmas catalog filled with all of your hopes and dreams. Like in years past we gather around the kitchen table and I read off dates, the team the Diamondbacks will be playing, the giveaway description, the number of items available, and finally any qualifiers such as just for kids or for those over 21 years of age.

At that point there begins a rather agitated discussion where the kids argue over whether they get that game or not. You see we have two seats to all the Diamondbacks games. It is a given that I will be occupying one seat. My wife and kids take turns occupying the other (or being punished depending on their outlook of baseball).

Normally an agreement can be reached as to who will go to each game. There are some games though that it nearly turns into a brawl depending especially on what the giveaway is. Lawn gnomes, Beanie Babies, WebKins, and bobble heads have been known to be especially popular and a source of fighting and bickering.

In these extreme cases I usually end up buying extra tickets so that the whole family can attend and get these popular giveaways. Looking over the promotional schedule I could already pencil in the five bobble head games as those where I would need more tickets.

Every season the Diamondbacks seem to come up with one giveaway that on the surface I don’t think will ever be an issue but in reality opens up a whole can of worms and animated arguments. It’s never something that I would expect either.

One year it was garden gnomes that caught the eye of my kids resulting in mass hysteria. Another year it was trucker hats that caused a commission in our household. Like I said, it’s impossible to try and guess what might be the hot giveaway as far as my family is concerned.

We sat around the table and I began reading from the promotional calendar. I got through June with only the usual arguments around JJ Putz and Ian Kennedy bobble heads. There was some discussions around Ryan Roberts tattoo sleeves that will probably result in a couple of extra tickets being purchased but overall it was calm.

The mood changed significantly when I reached July 7th on the promotional calendar. “Saturday July 7th against the Los Angeles Dodgers – D-backs Lucha Libre Masks for the first 15,000 fans.” Before I could even finish that sentence the kids started freaking out all talking over each other stating how it was their turn to choose a game and that they had dibs on this one.

It was like throwing breadcrumbs into a pond of hungry fish. At one point I seriously thought my kids were going to turn into luchadores and begin throwing each other out of the ring or in this case the kitchen.

Who would have thought that the mere mention of lucha libre masks would cause this kind of response from otherwise normal American kids? Clearly this is going to be one of those games where I am going to have to buy tickets for the whole family.

Maybe I won’t regret not getting Taco Bell foam taco hats for everyone for next year’s Christmas card photo. Instead we can dress up like luchadores and all wear our D-backs Lucha Libre masks. Yeah I’m positive my wife is going to love this idea.

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