Now On Deck – Baseball

Let me begin this by saying that I am absolutely, positively not a football fan. I probably couldn’t name more than three players from each team that is playing today. To me football is a television filler to give the networks something to air during the baseball off-season. So if you think by reading ahead that you are going to uncover some hidden gem of football knowledge that will allow you to pick the winner of today’s game or make you sound smarter at your favorite Super Bowl party you should probably stop reading now.

Like many American sports fans I have been eagerly looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday but for an entirely different reason. To me it signifies the end to a brutally long season that started during the baseball pennant race and will finally be finished today. The reason I am so looking forward to Super Bowl is not for the game but for the game to be finished.

When that final gun sounds and the players rush onto the field in celebration at being called champions I too will be leaping up and down in my living room excited to see this season end. Why would I have such joy for the end of a football season?

It’s simple; the end of football signifies that baseball has emerged from the dugout and is standing on the on-deck circle. It won’t be long now before the final game of the National Football League will be a distant memory and the sound of a ball snapping a mitt will fill the air.

In stadiums scattered around Arizona and Florida the grounds crew will be putting the finishing touches on fields that are lush and green while most of the country is still covered in snow. Clubhouses will be tidied up waiting for pitchers and catchers to begin reporting in two short weeks.

Now that is something to get excited about. Baseball is like the seasons. It begins in the darkness of winter and as Spring Training report days approach there is new birth to the hopes and dreams of fans throughout the world. All the hard work that the teams and their General Managers have done will now be unveiled to the eager public.

The smells of freshly cut grass, hot dogs, and suntan lotion will permeate the air. Like spring our hearts will be filled with the joy of knowing the people we love will soon be in our lives once again. For six magical weeks in February and March fans will ponder what the baseball season will bring.

Will this be the year their favorite team will triumph and be rewarded with a pennant and a trip to the fall classic? Will your favorite player have a career year and be named league Most Valuable Player?

While today marks the end of the road for football and its fans it also marks the beginning of baseball being in the forefront of the minds of sports fans and that is the best reason for Super Bowl Sunday.

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