The Ultimate Garage Sale Score

It’s funny, one of the things I most look forward to at the Diamondbacks FanFest is one of the things I most abhor outside of Chase Field; a garage sale. Each year during the FanFest festivities the Diamondbacks Foundation sets up a booth where they sell things from previous years that the team is trying to get rid of.

The items range from leftover giveaway items to signs from Chase Field to autographed baseballs and anything in between. In 2007 after the Arizona Diamondbacks changed their colors from Purple and Teal to Sedona Red, Sonoran Sand, and Black the team put china and dishes with the team’s logo in the garage sale. That was a huge thing for me as it allowed me to replace all of our fine china with plates featuring the Diamondbacks classic logo. Thanksgiving dinner has never been the same since.

I was eagerly awaiting the start of FanFest and my goal was to make a beeline to the garage sale. You never know when you might be first in line to find something really cool. When we finally got through the gates there was already a crowd attacking the tables of merchandise faster than a Mark Reynolds strikeout.

Even before I entered the sale I already had spotted an item I could not live without. I rushed through the mass of shoppers and leapt at the table. There in my hand I had the ultimate prize, a Taco Bell taco hat from last year’s all-star game. I had wanted one of these since the moment I saw them. There is just something profoundly cool about wearing a foam taco on your head. I was not only able to secure one of these for me but also one for my son who I know will be thrilled.

If I did not find one other item my day would be complete but the treasures continued to unfold in front of me. On one table was an ABC’s book published by the Diamondbacks wife that would make a perfect birthday gift for my grand daughter and I picked up a couple of pins from Opening Day 2005 for $0.10 each.

I also got an official line-up card from the July 5, 2011 game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Milwaukee Brewers with Kirk Gibson’s autograph at the bottom. At the baseball station I got autographs from pitchers Zach Duke, Doug Slaten, and fan favorite Clay Zavada. All three baseballs cost me less than the price of a ball at the team shop without a signature.

In the end I had two bags of Diamondbacks merchandise that I didn’t even know I wanted before arriving at FanFest and the crown jewel sat atop my head as I drove home. At every traffic light I could see the other drivers look over at me with envy when they saw my Taco Bell foam taco hat.

My only regret is that I didn’t get one for every member of my family. That would have been awesome for next year’s Christmas card family photo. What was I thinking?

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  1. Seriously: What were you thinking, not picking up extra head toppers … ?!??

    While my joy for your finds is offered, my disappointment your zeal clouded your thoughts enough to not consider the ramifications of those further purchases. Fear not, however; somewhere down the line you will find more of said chapeaus for your dining, dancing and Yuletide photographic pleasures.

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