Off Day in an Off Week

Today is one of those strange scheduling anomalies that occur every so often in the baseball season that simply leave a hollow feeling in your stomach. It is the off day in the middle of a home stand.

Normally when the Arizona Diamondbacks have an off day it either comes during a road trip or at the conclusion of a home stand. In those cases the sense of loss doesn’t feel that bad. The team was out of town anyways so the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” helps you to deal with no Diamondbacks baseball.

When the off day falls in the middle of a home stand everything gets messed up. One night you are sitting at Chase Field enjoying the sights and sounds of baseball and the next day the stadium is closed and everything is dark. You are left with an empty feeling like you just found out your best friend is a closet Boston Red Sox fan.

This is the loneliest feeling in the world. Somewhere around Major League Baseball there are fans who are cheering their teams while sitting in the stands surrounded by the sights and smells of the greatest game in the world. I am left wandering aimlessly like an extra from The Lost Boys praying for this day to end so baseball can resume at Chase Field.

Another even more heinous problem occurs during the off day of a home stand. My wife utters a phrase that sends chills down the spine of every married man, “Since you don’t have a baseball game tonight I have a few things I would like you to do around the house.”

No man ever wants his wife to call on “the list that shall not be named”. Typically “the list that shall not be named” only appears during the off season when baseball is hibernating so when she refers to this during the season no good can ever come from that.

It’s bad enough that the Arizona Diamondbacks are mired in a 5-game losing streak but now I have to deal with that AND a leaking bathroom faucet, a light that is flickering in the kitchen, and a garage door opener that doesn’t want to close. The latter three things I can live with but a 5-game losing streak? Something has to be done about that!

Curse you baseball scheduling Gods for making me have to deal with “the list that shall not be named”! The worst part about this is the D-backs have six of these over the course of the season and this is the first. I may not survive to see the post season at this rate.

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