Have you ever had an idea that in your head seemed absolutely amazing? The kind of idea that would make people want to erect statues in your honor and require school children to learn about your idea before they would be allowed to graduate from high school? Then when you actually implement your idea you get into more trouble than Pablo Sandoval at an all-you-can-eat buffet? That could pretty much describe every idea I have ever had in my entire life.

Normally at the conclusion of my epic idea meltdowns I stand before my wife and children with my Diamondbacks hat in my hand and beg for their forgiveness then go upstairs to retrieve my pillow and blanket to begin my exile to the couch for whatever time period my family feels I need to never suggest another idea like the one that caused the mushroom cloud in the family.

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Today TeamWork Online, an online recruiting network for the sports industry, named Arizona Diamondbacks President and CEO Derrick Hall as “Best Boss”. TeamWork ran an online contest through their web site and via Twitter asking people who would be the perfect boss in the sports industry. Hall was nominated and became one of five finalists after securing a majority of the mentions through social media.

For Arizona Diamondbacks employees and fans, Hall’s selection seemed like a no-brainer. Since taking over as team president after the 2005 season, Hall has instituted a number of changes to the Diamondbacks that made them the fan-friendly organization today.

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“Do you remember what today is?” My wife asked over breakfast.

Being married as long as I have you would think I would be able to recognize a trap when I see one. But being an average American male I am completely oblivious to the nuances of the female species. I did briefly glance over my wife’s shoulder at the calendar just to make sure I knew the date. Confident, I replied, “Sure! Today is the day that Aaron Hill hit for the first of two cycles in the 2012 season.”

I followed that with a look of confidence like I just aced the ACT and would be getting phone calls from all of the Ivy League schools begging me to enroll in their institutions. From the looks of my wife’s face, she did not share the confidence of my answer. How could she possibly doubt my baseball knowledge? I’m like the Rain Man of Diamondbacks trivial information. All that was lacking was a countdown to how many minutes until Judge Wapner and an explanation that I buy all my underwear at K-Mart (because the Diamondbacks do not carry Dbacks underwear at the team shop).

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