Hall Named “Best Boss”

Today TeamWork Online, an online recruiting network for the sports industry, named Arizona Diamondbacks President and CEO Derrick Hall as “Best Boss”. TeamWork ran an online contest through their web site and via Twitter asking people who would be the perfect boss in the sports industry. Hall was nominated and became one of five finalists after securing a majority of the mentions through social media.

For Arizona Diamondbacks employees and fans, Hall’s selection seemed like a no-brainer. Since taking over as team president after the 2005 season, Hall has instituted a number of changes to the Diamondbacks that made them the fan-friendly organization today.

Diamondbacks Tweet-Up with Derrick HallHall is always available to employees and fans alike. From the monthly online chats via the Diamondbacks web site to answering emails and phone calls from fans, Hall makes a fan feel as though they are an important part of the team’s success. That is not just marketing hype; he truly believes that the fans (casual and diehard) are just as important as the players on the field.

I can personally attest to the level of involvement Derrick goes to on a fan’s behalf. During a recent off-season my daughter announced she was engaged and would be getting married. As a family we sat down to begin the arduous task of planning the event. One of the stipulations I made was that the wedding could not be during baseball season or if they were, the event HAD to be during a Diamondbacks road trip.

The Diamondbacks schedule was not yet public and I was sweating bullets when my daughter selected April 15th. I quickly made a call to Derrick to ask him for his help. After a few phone calls he got back to me and told me that I could relax, the Dbacks would be out of town that day.

Recently I went through a series of medical tests as doctors attempt to determine whether I would be diagnosed with cancer. It was a terrifying ordeal and I found myself withdrawn and extremely depressed. Derrick learned of my worries and contacted me. Through those discussions and his own experiences with prostrate cancer my concerns seemed trivial. I’m still struggling while the doctors continue their diagnosis but I know that if I ever needed someone to talk to, I could call Derrick. How many other franchise’s fans could say something similar?

I could list literally hundreds of times when I’ve contacted him for help and he has always been willing to do whatever he could. Considering I’m just one fan I cannot even fathom what he must go through every day. Despite the demands on his time, he is always there with a smile and an offer to help.

So while I am not a Diamondbacks employee, I can honestly say that the adjective of “best” could be placed in front of any award given to Derrick and I could support it. Recognizing Hall as an outstanding leader is the least we can do for him. He has made being a Diamondbacks fan and employee easy. Through his leadership we are all looking forward to many more years of rooting for the home team and our favorite President & CEO.

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