In today’s society the world continues to become smaller. I’m not talking about physically shrinking although after being baked in 119 degree weather for an extended period will make even the largest of us shrink like when your wife puts your favorite Diamondbacks shirt in the dryer and it comes out looking like something you would dress a Build-a-Bear character in. No, in this case the shrinkage metaphor describes how everyone on the planet is connected and within a few short hours you can go from roasting in the Arizona sun to setting down on the runway in New York City where it is cloudy, raining, and a balmy 73 degrees.

I am not what you would call a world traveller. Growing up in rural Idaho I did not take my first airplane ride until after I was married and even then it was a short flight from Salt Lake City to Denver. Not exactly what I would call transcontinental. Since that time I have seen the world which in this case meant Disney World.

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