Whenever I meet someone new the subject of baseball always seems to come up. This might be because every piece of clothing that I own seems to have an Arizona Diamondbacks logo on it somewhere. Their first question is, “So you are a Diamondbacks fan?” If my wife or one of my kids are with me that usually results in laughter so hard that milk comes out their noses.

The second question is normally, “How many games do you go to?” That’s an odd question but what is even odder is after I reply, “Oh around 81 a year” these people look dumbfounded. They typically reiterate my answer; “You go to 81 games every year?” The tone in their voice is as if I just uttered he-who-should-not-be-named (Pete Rose). Well yeah I go to 81 games a season. I’d go to more but that’s all the home games they have and my wife seems to think travelling to see more baseball is insane. The conversation then turns to how I could possibly watch that much baseball and why would I?

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