Now Hitting, Number Fore!

Super Bowl week has special meaning in the Valley of the Sun and it has little to do with football. It’s a week following the Barrett Jackson car extravaganza and the Scottsdale scene is still in full motion. The motor heads and car enthusiasts make way for another set of fans, the golfers.

I’m not talking about the amateur hackers and snowbirds that clog all of the fairways during the winter months when the weather is perfect for a round of golf. No, these golfers are actually professional and will be playing in the Waste Management Phoenix Open. It is perhaps one of the biggest events on the PGA Tour more so for the fans than the players.

Aaron Hill Tees OffThe Phoenix Open is one of the biggest parties to grace the fairways. From the huge crowds to the insanity of the sixteenth hole with thousands of cheering fans trying to rattle the golfers the Phoenix Open is as close to a frat party as there can be on a golf course.

It’s not just the professional golfers who take part in the insanity. On Wednesdays there is the Pro-Am where professional golfers are paired up with celebrities and sports figures from other teams come together to have a little fun, play a little golf, and hopefully have some fun.

This year the Arizona Diamondbacks second baseman Aaron Hill was scheduled to play in the Pro-Am. This isn’t the first year a Diamondbacks player has participated; through the years many of the players have found their way into the tournament. But a few of Hill’s teammates decided to have a little fun with the second baseman.

Pitchers Charles Brewer, Patrick Corbin, and Josh Collmenter along with third baseman Eric Chavez met Hill at the tee box to give him a little support. They were carrying large fat head replicas of Hill’s face that they would hold up every time it was his time to take a shot.

They were by far the most popular grouping in the Pro Am with players and fans alike cheering on Hill and his pep squad. The culmination of the day came on the 18th hole when Collmenter and Corbin held a Fat Head in front of Hill as he teed off literally hitting a ball through his own lip.

It was a great day of golf and a way for several of the players to relax before Spring Training starts next week. Hopefully Hill will be able to hit a baseball as well as he hit that Fat Head. If that’s the case the Diamondbacks are in for a great season.

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