Arroyo, A-Roy-Oy-Oh

When the Arizona Diamondbacks announced that they had signed right-handed starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo I was not exactly sure how I felt. The money and length of contract were a bit of a concern.

Looking at the Diamondbacks farm system, they have several young arms moving through their minor leagues that should make an impact at the Major League level shortly. The gem of the farm system is of course Archie Bradley who was absolutely dominating at the Single-A and Double-A levels last year.

Witch GuardsHe is rated extremely high on both the MLB and Baseball America prospect list. Bradley is not currently on the Diamondbacks 40-man roster but has been invited to Major League camp this spring with the promise that he could compete for a spot in the starting rotation.

Besides Bradley the Diamondbacks also have Randall Delgado whom they received as part of the Justin Upton trade with the Atlanta Braves. Delgado has been up and down with the Diamondbacks over the past year. He has a live fastball that sits in the mid-90’s and an above average change-up. He lacks a good breaking ball, which has allowed hitters to sit on his fastball. As young as he is, there is still a lot to like about Delgado and he could be a very good fifth starter.

Given the rather fragile nature of Brandon McCarthy and Trevor Cahill last season I was concerned that the D-backs did not have an adequate enough depth in starting pitching to withstand another season where pitchers landed on the disabled list.

Those pitchers who are currently in the Diamondbacks rotation are not exactly known for throwing deep into games. With Wade Miley entering just his third Major League season and Patrick Corbin starting his second, the Diamondbacks desperately needed someone who could eat up a lot of innings. The question is will Bronson Arroyo be that guy?

Before I could really delve into that question, my kids grabbed me and reminded me that I promised to watch a movie with them. When I had agreed, I thought we were going to watch a baseball movie. Instead they chose the Wizard of Oz. I have nothing against girls with red shoes, midgets on helium, or talking scarecrows looking for brains. In fact some of my best friends are talking scarecrows looking for brains but that doesn’t mean I want to watch a movie about them.

A promise is a promise so I sat on the couch pretending to be interested in a movie that did not include a single baseball reference; or so I thought. About that time the movie came to the part where Dorothy was being held captive in the Wicked Witch’s castle. Outside the guards were marching back and forth protecting the entrance to the castle.

They marched back and forth singing. It wasn’t just mindless singing; they were giving me a sign. As they walked back and forth they chanted, “A-Roy-Oy-Oh, Arroyo!” I had to stop and make sure I didn’t hear that wrong. Nope, that is exactly what they were saying.

Could it be that Bronson Arroyo is more important to the Diamondbacks than a girl wearing red shoes? Maybe he is the one piece that the team was missing. With him on the roster we are bound to reach the Great and Powerful Oz. And the scarecrow can get a brain, the tin man can have a heart, and Josh Collmenter can gain courage.

How could I not have seen this before? It is as plain as day! Why else would the wicked witch of Los Angeles have been trying so desperately to keep Arroyo away from here? I am convinced now that Arroyo can help us follow the yellow brick road. We are going to win the World Series now; I just know it. So that’s what they meant when they said Arizona would be World Champions when flying monkeys come out of your butt.

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