Diamondbacks Announce the D-backs Give Back Jersey Program

The Arizona Diamondbacks are an extremely young franchise compared to other clubs in Major League Baseball. They have only been in existence since 1998. During that short period of time they have had a tremendous amount of success on the field but it is their off-field accomplishments that boggle the mind.

The Diamondbacks are extremely connected to the community as witnessed by the multitude of activities and causes they are involved. When the franchise was formed, then Managing General Partner Jerry Colangelo included the creation of the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation to ensure that the team was connected to the needs of the community.

D-backs Give Back JerseysIn the 17 years since it was formed, the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation has collected over $35 million to help the community. Year after year the Diamondbacks are recognized as one of the best places to work in large part because of their giving nature.

During the 2014 FanFest the Diamondbacks introduced their latest program to help the community. It is called the D-backs Give Back Jersey Program. This program will give high-quality uniforms and caps to more than 20,000 youth baseball and softball players and their coaches throughout Arizona

In youth baseball leagues, the cost of outfitting the players and coaches are one of the greatest expenses. With the assistance of this program, the leagues can repurpose the uniform funds to help in other areas.

“We are extremely proud to make a donation like this which allows many youth baseball and softball leagues to allocate their resources to field improvements and other vital needs,” said D-backs President & CEO Derrick Hall. “In some cases, this donation is keeping leagues afloat and allowing more of the youth around the Valley the opportunity to play the game we all love and we have seen significantly higher league registration numbers since bringing this to our community. A program of this magnitude has the chance to have an impact on these youngsters and our franchise for many years to come.”

When my kids were playing Little League, they did not have the opportunity to be Diamondbacks. They would have to be Dodgers or Angels. With this program we hope to enable more kids to play for the Diamondbacks.

– Ken Kendrick

On the stage at the FanFest the uniforms were unveiled. They include the current Sedona Red, White, and throwback purple and teal that show off the team’s history. There are also unique colors that the Major League team has not worn in the past such as Gold, and a camouflage jersey.

So far there are over 30 youth leagues that hope to take advantage of the program. Those leagues represent 1,500 youth. This will go along way to helping youth baseball across the state.

It will also help tremendously in building the team brand. More kids are likely going to want to be a Diamondback when they see their team wearing one of the 75 color combinations that are available through the program.

In its inception the D-backs Give Back Jersey Program will support over 20,000 children with an initial donation of more than $500,000. This will grow over time to hopefully be able to help even more young ballplayers wear the Diamondbacks colors.

It’s great to see the team be so connected to the community and reach out to those in need. Building an enthusiastic fan base has to start with the children. They are the ones who will hopefully feel a connection to the home team.

Hopefully this program will lead to legions of Diamondbacks fans who will come to the ballpark to enjoy the game and dream about that day when they will get to put on a Major League jersey and play in this same stadium. How cool would that be?


  1. I am the President of Payson little League and would like to apply for this program but i am having difficulty finding where and how to do this. Can you advise me as how to do the application? Thank you

    • Hi Barbara, thanks for stopping by my blog. I would suggest contacting the D-Backs Communications Department at 602.462.6519. They should be able to connect you with the appropriate person within the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation to give you the information you need to apply for the program. If that number doesn’t get you to the right place please let me know and I will see if I can find another contact point for you.

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