On the Road Again

Being an Arizona Diamondbacks season ticket holder has a lot of advantages. For one, I know I have a place reserved in my name for 81 nights a year. When I walk through the turnstiles I will see some of the best people in all of baseball taking my ticket, welcoming me to the game, selling me the latest concessions, and helping me find my way to my seat.

Before each home stand I will get an email from the Season Ticket services crew telling me what to expect at the upcoming games at Chase Field. They will let me know about any special deals going on and are there to help me no matter how crazy my requests may be. It’s like having an extended family but without them invading your house during the holidays.

Road TripThere are a couple of services that many people are not aware of that have been especially helpful to me over the years. For most people, a full season of baseball at Chase Field is enough but for me I always feel like I am missing half the fun – every away game.

In many cases your Season Ticket Representative can assist you in getting tickets to away games. Not just games the Diamondbacks are playing but nearly any Major League Baseball game. There are limits of course like if you want tickets to watch the Yankees play the Red Sox for Derek Jeter’s final game it might be a tough ticket but I guarantee they will try their best to help you out.

The second perk of being a Season Ticket Holder is the Exclusive Season Ticket Holder Road Trips that the team offers. Every season the Diamondbacks select two away series and offer their season ticket holders an opportunity to travel with the team to watch games at an away ballpark.

This year the two trips are to watch the D-backs play the Chicago White Sox on May 8th-11th. The trip includes tickets to a suite at Chase Field on April 30th to pick up their itinerary and meet other fans going on the trip. Airfare from Phoenix to Chicago and transportation from the airport to the hotel will get you to the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place where you will stay three nights. You will also get tickets to all three games at U.S. Cellular Field where you can cheer loudly for the Diamondbacks.

The second trip will allow you to see the Diamondbacks face the Minnesota Twins at Target Field in Minneapolis Minnesota September 22nd-24th. You will receive suite tickets to the September 12th game at Chase Field to receive your itinerary. You will fly non-stop from Phoenix to Minneapolis with a two-night stay at the Graves Hotel. You will also receive tickets to all three games between the D-backs and Twins.

This is a great way to get to know some of the other season ticket holders and see other Major League Baseball stadiums. For those of you who have a bucket list that includes seeing every MLB stadium, this is a great way to check off a few while still seeing your favorite team play.

If you would like to get in on either of these trips all it takes is becoming a Diamondback Season Ticket Holder and contacting your Season Ticket Representative. You better hurry, these trips usually fill up very quickly.

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