Release the Broadcast Schedule!

Being a Diamondbacks fan in the spring is an awful lot like riding a rollercoaster. After the excitement of unveiling the promotional schedule starts to die down and just when you catch your breath, the Diamondbacks will unveil the broadcast schedule getting your heart racing again.

Today the Diamondbacks officially announced their 2014 radio broadcast schedule. I know a lot of the younger fans will lament, “really the radio schedule? Who cares about radio when we have high definition television?”

Greg SchulteWhenever I hear that I go full into old-guy-get-off-my-lawn mode where I try and gruffly tell them about the golden days of baseball growing up with a miniature transistor AM radio as my companion sitting in the window sill trying to get the perfect location to hear the voice of the team describe the game I loved.

There is nothing like listening to a game unfold on the radio; it’s almost magical. I grew up listening to Vince Scully and Harry Carey talk about their respective teams and calling games. I would lie in the grass listening to their voices as they described each ball and strike. I dreamed of one day being able to attend a game in person or even better play the game I loved.

Now with all of the high-tech ways to enjoy baseball on your smartphone, tablet, and television the radio seems rather archaic. But it’s still the best way to understand the game especially when the announcers have a love for the team.

Diamondbacks fans have been fortunate enough to have Greg Schulte behind the mike for every season of their existence and he will once again be there for the 2014 season. This year the Diamondbacks will broadcast all 162 regular seasons plus 10 Spring Training games.

Fans can catch the radio broadcasts on Arizona Sports 98.7 FN, News/Talk 92.3 KTAR or can listen to webcasts that will be hosted on the Diamondbacks web site (

The first broadcast will occur just over a week from now on February 26th at 1:10 PM when the D-backs host the Los Angeles Dodgers at Salt River Fields. Joining Schulte will be Tom Candiottti who enters his ninth season in the broadcast booth for Arizona.

Sure, there is nothing like being at the ballpark in person with the smells of freshly cut grass, hot dogs, and just a little whiff of icy hot from sore muscles but when you can’t be there in person it’s great to know the Schulte and Candiotti are there to guide you through the game.

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