Sit Down and Cheer

As an Arizona Diamondbacks season ticket holder I am very passionate about my seat. My wife would argue that I am obsessed with my seat. In fact, probably the only person on this planet more obsessed with their seat than me is Kim Kardashian. That’s not the seat I was talking about.

I admit, having a great seat is extremely important especially if you are going to be sitting in it for 83 nights per year. You want good sight lines and easy access. You want them to be convenient enough to get into and out of yet not so convenient that everyone on your row is climbing over the top of you every other batter to go get food or a beer.

Diamondbacks Office ChairYou want to be close to the action but not too close that you take a ball or a bat to the head. Well, that last part is more my wife talking than me. Personally I wouldn’t mind being that close. Not that I want a ball or a bat to the head but if it happened, that would probably be the ultimate in fan experiences. Besides, I have been to enough games to know that Diamondbacks President and CEO Derrick Hall would come over to make sure I was ok if that did happen.

At Chase Field, I am in the perfect location. I am up high enough that the seats in each row allow you to see over the people in front of you yet they are low enough in the section so that you still feel connected to what is happening on the field of play.

It’s funny, at home I am not nearly as particular in what I am sitting in as I am at the ballpark. I have had the same ratty office chair for over a decade. I bought it at one of those office supply store and got the extended warranty. The chair began to fall apart shortly afterwards and the office store refunded my money.

Instead of replacing the chair, I used the money to get something nice at the Team Shop (a guy has to have his priorities) and continued to use the broken chair. If that chair were a building, it would have been condemned a long time ago.

It is now to the point where you have to be extremely careful when sitting on the chair otherwise it will toss you out like a drunk Dodgers fan in the fifth inning at Chase Field. My wife has been getting after me to get a new chair but this one is like an old pair of Levis. It’s broken in and comfortable. In this case the optimum word was “broken”.

Besides, I could never find a chair I really liked. Now if the Diamondbacks could offer Chase Field seats that swiveled and reclined I would be all over that but so far they didn’t. I happened to be perusing the Internet one night and found the closest thing to it.

A company by the name of Wild Sports was selling a chair they called the “Head Coach Chair”. It was a high-backed office chair with leather covering. It had padded armrests and an adjustable seat. That in itself doesn’t sound much different than any other office chair.

What made this one different is the fact that the headrest had an embroidered Arizona Diamondbacks logo on the leather. When I saw it the heavens opened up, angels began to sing and a beam of light came from above.

I immediately ordered it. On the order page it asked if this was a gift. Heck yeah, it is a gift from the baseball gods I said. It asked if I wanted to send a gift card. Sure, why not. It might be fun to open a card when I get this in the mail. I simply wrote, “Dear Diamondbacks, thanks for saving my butt.”

The chair arrived and I immediately set it up retiring my old chair. I’ll miss old shaky; he was a good chair. There was many a night we would sit together reading box scores or rocking to D-backs Swing. Those days are gone but the memories will remain. Now though I will be surrounded in rich Corinthian leather (said in my best Ricardo Montalban impression). This chair may almost be as cool as my seat at Chase Field, almost.

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