Think of the Possibilities

Every once in a while you run across a story that blows your mind. Which in my particular case is not much of an explosion. When it happens though, I don’t just utter “Whoa!” with the look of a Denver Broncos fan after going through their stash of legal pot after a Super Bowl loss. No, I start to ponder “what if” and then things get really crazy.

Derrick Hall, Kevin Towers, Ken KendrickWhile cruising around the Internet looking for stories about the Diamondbacks (I like to refer to this as news dumpster diving, something I tend to do a lot of, searching for news not dumpster diving), I came across a story about the San Francisco Giants and their sponsorship by Levi’s. Normally I would not even click the link when it is about the Giants but I had a finger cramp and involuntarily pressed the mouse landing on the page.

The post was from Hardball Talk and described the level that sponsorship has gone in the bay area. One quote stood out to me (hence the mind blowing).

The San Francisco-based brand will also rename the Giants’ casual Friday policy for front office staff, which will become Levi’s Casual Fridays, ‘encouraging employees, including players and coaches, to sport their Levi’s jeans on Fridays’.

Like the Hardball Talk writer I too was surprised to learn that “Casual Friday” was an official name. I always thought of it more an attitude than a name. But then again I call all my pant’s Levi’s even when they are not that brand so what do I know.

I started thinking, this may just be a way for the Diamondbacks to become a big market club. If I could come up with enough sponsorships it could mean a massive new revenue stream that would allow Arizona to match the New York Dodgers, I mean Los Angeles Yankees, no the Los Angeles Dodgers dollar for dollar. The only limit would be my imagination and anyone who has read this blog for very long knows I have a pretty vivid imagination.

The first order of business would be a new sponsor for the Golden Glovers. You know, the elderly men and women who sit down the foul lines and snag foul balls hit down the line. In the past the sponsors have been real estate companies such as Del Webb (somewhat appropriate since they were the builders of Sun City). Let’s go a new direction and get Hooter’s as a new sponsor. These old timers could be renamed Golden Hooters. We can get the PA Announcer to start every game by suggesting everyone check that pair of Golden Hooters down on the field.

In an effort to help make the streets a little safer after the game, we can have the Maricopa Sheriff’s office sponsor the seventh inning stretch. From now on fans will be asked to get their Sheriff Joe’s Breathalyzer Beverages before the end of the inning. Public Service Announcement and a new revenue stream; how’s that for fan-friendly?

When it’s time for manager Kirk Gibson to pull the starting pitcher, it won’t just be a call to the bullpen. It will be a Budweiser Puppy Love Moment. They can play Let Her Go by Passenger as Gibby makes his way to the mound.

And when a player is waived or cut from the team, it won’t just be a roster move; it will be a Tim Tebow T-Mobile What Can You Do With No Contract moment. I can see women especially in the Denver and New York areas really gravitate to this one.

Probably one of the most exciting plays in baseball is the squeeze bunt. The runner racing from third, the pitcher trying to deliver a pitch, and the batter hoping to lay down the perfect bunt; what could make that more exciting? How about we rename that “The Charmin”. And if a team is unsuccessful we’ll say they were Mr. Whippled.

These are just a few of the ideas I came up with in a couple of minutes. Give me a whole off-season and we could be sitting on a gold mine. All we need to do is convince Derrick Hall or his post-sponsorship name, Derrick McHall because he has served millions and millions.


  1. Lawrence

    I enjoy reading your posts. The most informative posts were the ones were you explained to readers your select-a-seat experiences. You provided a better explanation of the process than Dbacks’ management. Thanks.

    How do you like the Dbacks releasing day-by-day hints regarding their 2014 promotions? Seems sort of silly to me. As an Internet explorer, are you aware that the promotional schedule was actually released (by the Dbacks) last week? Just go to the Fan Fest page, download the map/A-Z guide, and on page 5 is the list of the entire 2014 giveaways.

    Well, have fun at Fan Fest!
    A season Ticket Holder from Section 126.

    • Thanks for stopping by and for the feedback. With all the traditional news reporting and the Internet (thanks Al Gore!) it’s easy to get the serious details on baseball so I thought it might be a fun change of pace to talk about things from a fan’s perspective, especially if the fan is not exactly playing with a full roster.

      I have to admit, you telling everyone where they can find the promotions schedule is a little like showing everyone where your favorite fishing hole is at. Next thing you know there will be some 3XL guy in an extra-small San Diego Padres halter top drinking a beer sitting in your spot.

      I don’t mind the teasers for the promotions. It makes my life a little easier by giving me fresh content to write about each day. If they released the whole schedule I could do maybe one or two entries for the promotions. This way if there is something really interesting or a funny angle I can spread them over a few days. I’ll confess, the Elvis Day promotion when we play the Dodgers scares me more that I care to let on.

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