The Day that Never Was

One of my biggest fears is that I will go to sleep the night before Opening Day and somehow sleep all the way through the season waking up the first day of the off-season missing an entire year of baseball. Oh sure someone will come forward and tell me that is impossible, no one could sleep that long. To them I give one example, Sleeping Beauty. I’ve seen enough Disney movies in my life to know it could happen.

Before you start laughing hysterically at my lack of grasp of reality let me give you another example, the 2014 Arizona Diamondbacks. At the conclusion of the game on March 16th against the Milwaukee Brewers the team went to Sky Harbor International Airport where they boarded a Quantas flight to Sydney Australia. The flight is scheduled to arrive around 8 AM in the morning on Tuesday March 18th.

Diamondbacks pitcher Patrick Corbin throwing early in the first inning.So what happened to Monday? It vanished like some bizarre Bermuda Triangle Twilight Zone episode. All that was lacking was Rod Sterling and some really creepy music. But losing the day is not the scariest part of this story.

The real frightening part is the day they lost. They completely missed St. Patrick’s Day. Gone is the corned beef, no steamed cabbage, no corned beef sandwiches, gone are the gallons and gallons of cabbage soup and perhaps the biggest tragedy, no green beer. On the surface that seems trivial but digging down deeper there is something even more sinister.

St. Patrick’s Day is all about the green. As a kid if you didn’t wear green you got pinched about a million times leaving you with bruises from head to toe that lasted until the first day of spring. It’s not just about wearing green; it’s all about the luck of the Irish.

A year ago the Diamondbacks sent rookie fifth-starter candidate Patrick Corbin to the mound wearing a green hat for St. Patrick’s Day. As you know, Corbin had an amazing spring blowing the competition away not only making the team but also becoming one of two all-stars representing the Arizona Diamondbacks in New York City.

Now this year the Diamondbacks are leaping over St. Patrick’s Day going right to March 18th. This is not going to make the leprechauns happy, not one bit. Mark my words; bad things are in store for tempting the luck of the Irish.

It is going to take every ounce of mojo we can conjure up in order to reverse this potentially disastrous curse in the making. I don’t know about you but I plan on stocking up on boxes of Lucky Charms cereal just in case.

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