Tomahawk Meets the Boomerang

During his tenure with the Arizona Diamondbacks, pitcher Josh Collmenter has had more than his share of shall we say “interesting” experiences. During his rookie season Collmenter was sent to the Arizona Renaissance Festival dressed like a medieval character while other members of the team filmed him taking part in the activities. The next season when it was time to haze the rookies Collmenter volunteered to take them to another Renaissance Festival this time as a cameraman.

Josh Collmenter DateThen there was the time when Collmenter took off his shirt and danced on the field while the MLB Network was interviewing a teammate or pretending to be Sasquatch during a team activity. If there is a colorful or unique experience on the team you can bet that Collmenter will be near the center of it.

It should therefore come as no surprise that Collmenter would volunteer to partake in a special activity during the Diamondbacks visit to Australia. Collmenter was to be featured on a dating game where one lucky female fan would be chosen for a complete makeover and a date with the Diamondbacks pitcher.

The promotion began on Valentine’s Day with eligible females sending in video and written entries telling why they deserve to be Collmenter’s date when the team arrived. With something this zany you know that Collmenter would not be in this alone.

Relief pitcher J.J. Putz known for his knack for practical jokes along with other teammates would be the ones selecting the blind date for Collmenter. As the team prepared to leave for Sydney the players had narrowed down the choices to six deserving ladies.

The finalists had to provide Instagram pictures of themselves along with a written entry of 25 words or less. Personally I was rooting for Lucinda Shanahan whose entry described herself as “A fun, down to earth Australian bikini designer who has plenty of speedo designs in mind for Josh.” While she sounds like a lot of fun, I do worry about photos of Collmenter in a Speedo making their way around the clubhouse.

Besides the complete makeover, the winner would be Collmenter’s date for a gala sponsored by Major League Baseball in Sydney. Collmenter has shown he is a fun loving guy who makes others around him feel at ease. While the contest has been good natured, Collmenter himself is open to the experience and who knows he may end up singing Men at Work songs to a lovely Australian girl as he sweeps her off her feet in the land down under.

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