Going into the final day of April the Arizona Diamondbacks find themselves with an abysmal 8-22 record to begin the season. This is the second worst start in franchise history just one game better than the 1998 inaugural season (a loss today would tie them for the worst record in franchise history to begin the year). The 2014 Diamondbacks are four games worse than the 2004 team at this juncture and that team went on to lose 111 games.

While the season still has 132 games remaining, the fan base in Arizona is already becoming restless with signs spotted at Chase Field recommending the firing of manager Kirk Gibson, general manager Kevin Towers, CEO Derrick Hall, and owner Ken Kendrick. The advent of social media is providing fans a way to make their desire for change known with immediate feedback. In today’s day and age patience is becoming shorter and shorter.

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