JJ the Bag Lady and Diamondbacks Bags

One of the best parts of being a dedicated baseball fan is that you get to meet some pretty incredible people. Sure, it’s always exciting to meet a player or a coach but to me it is those dedicated fans that are the most interesting.

Sometimes those meetings happen at the ballpark or during a Spring Training workout while others happen in the strangest places. No matter where the meeting occurs, it’s always fascinating to hear the stories of other baseball fans.

DBACK PKG 31214Recently I had the opportunity to be introduced to an incredible lady with an even more incredible story. During a Spring Training workout at Chase Field I happened across some the Dbacks Nation who where there waiting for the players to come out and sign autographs.

While everyone was standing there talking about the team and whether this year would be the year the conversation turned from baseball to bags and purses. This has to be a first for me. In my lifetime I don’t think I ever remember having a conversation about baseball and purses. But as a result of that conversation I was led to an incredible find.

On Facebook I was introduced to JJ The Bag Lady. The story goes that there was an aspiring MBA student who as part of her marketing studies created a company called J.J. Creations where she would make sports themed bags and purses.

dbacks travelgymbags by j2 bShe had football, basketball, soccer, Grateful Dead (hey rock and roll is a sport), and of course baseball. J.J. requested and received a license to use the MLB logos and she began with Los Angeles Dodgers bags. As I walked through her web site and read her story I was amazed. What an incredible person and what a great idea.

I remembered my own experiences trying to talk my wife Trina into making Seat Cushions and had a new appreciation for the work that J.J. the Bag Lady had gone through. It takes a tremendous amount of hard work and creativity to come up with something as unique as this.

I sent her a message on Facebook expressing interest in purchasing one of her bags for my daughter’s upcoming birthday. I was surprised to instead get several messages from her and an offer to send me a couple of bags to try.

At first I was a little uncomfortable with the idea of receiving Diamondbacks purses but I was so interested in her and her story that I agreed. The package arrived yesterday and I eagerly opened the box.

3 BAGS pic GLORY DAYS IN FRONT for twitter2Inside were a few baseball shaped backpacks with the Diamondbacks logo emblazoned upon them and a purse with the Diamondbacks name all over it. I went right towards the backpacks. The quality of work is first rate and they are definitely unique and stylish.

My daughter works as a lifeguard at Chase Field so this bag is going to be perfect for her. She can keep a few personal items and even store a towel. There is lots of room in the bag to carry everything easily and allowing easy access to the contents.

While I was drawn to the baseball-shaped backpack, Lily and Syrell both jumped at the purse with the Diamondbacks name on it. They carried it around the house and fought over whose turn it was to carry the bag. If two kids under the age of 5 are that possessive about a purse you know you’ve got something special on your hands.

isaycheezJ.J. The Bag Lady and J.J. Creations definitely have a hit on their hands (no pun intended). They are in the process of re-launching their brand of sports-based bags. At first the plan was to try and have these bags available in each team shop but now they are looking to expand that to have a store and Internet presence.

As for me personally I plan on recommending to the Diamondbacks that they stock these items at Chase Field. If my family were any indication they would sell a lot of these.

I would suggest to everyone to keep an eye on J.J. Creations for news of their re-launch and be one of the first to order their bags. What a perfect way to show your team spirit.

I was fortunate enough to get a few extras and over the next few weeks I’ll try to come up with some great contests to give these away to readers or followers of my twitter account.


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  3. I wanna get a baseball backpack but Dodgers one or Dominique on the ball thanks

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