State of the Home Stand Address – March 31-April 3

Seven years ago I penned a blog entry entitled ”State of the Home Stand Address – April 9-April 17”. This modest entry was the beginning of a very popular series that I have done on and off since.

It is basically a home_stand-by-home_stand synopsis of the happenings at Chase Field. Much of these entries will include things around the stadium rather than what is happening on the field. Game results and analysis I’ll leave to others. Instead I will focus on what is happening at the stadium during the recently completed home stand.

04-04 DSC_9987 2014-03-31As is always the case when I write these I will start with the standard warning/disclaimer that the viewpoints expressed in this blog entry are my own warped sense of reality and do not reflect the views of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Major League Baseball, or any other normal human being.

Any coherent thoughts either real or fictional are purely coincidental and are not meant to be taken internally. Should this happen, induce vomiting and contact medical professionals. Without further adieu I give you my thoughts on Arizona Diamondbacks 2014.

The first home stand is always the most exciting time for Diamondbacks fans. It is the first time back at Chase Field after what seems like an eternity. Everything is polished and the bunting is hung around the stadium making the place even more special than normal.

This year there are several new things around Chase Field. The large US Airways logo that has adorned one of the opening panels in right centerfield is gone. It has been replaced with an American Airlines logo representing the airlines merging.

The Miller Light Diamond Club that was above the pool in right center field is gone. It has been replaced with the Coors Light Strikeout Zone. During Opening Day they unveiled the new signage above the pool complete with smoke machines and mountain climbers repelling from the logo to the center field walkway.

04-04 DSC_9981 2014-03-31As I stated earlier, the Arizona Diamondbacks have reversed their policy on the Diamond level of the stadium. In seasons past the second deck was open to all fans. This season you are only allowed on that level if you have a ticket in the 200 series (section 200-233), a suite ticket, or a ticket from one of the lettered sections (section A-S). The bridge from the Chase Field Garage that provides access to the stadium is also only available to those with the aforementioned tickets.

A couple of points of clarification: Season Ticket Holders can receive a limited number of single game passes (10 per account) to go to the second level. See your season ticket holder representative to receive a pass. The second point is that the Arizona Baseball Club restaurant above right field is still open to the general public. To gain access you must take the elevator near section 105 in the right field corner.

Season Ticket Holders will still receive early entry to Chase Field 30 minutes prior to gates opening to the general public. This is for games Monday-Saturday with early entry gates being Gate B and Gate J. It should be noted that Gate B is always open for early entry but Gate J is only open on certain days so plan accordingly.

From a concession perspective I will delve into detail as the season goes on but wanted to give you a couple of quick notes. Wetzel Pretzels is now in Chase Field. There is one kiosk on the main concourse and one in the upper deck concourse.

I’ve tried these and they are already becoming one of the most popular spots in the ballpark. I am especially partial to the Wetzel Bits, which are bite-sized pretzels that come in a bag. For $6.50 they are one of the best values in the ballpark. They come in the standard salted variety and also with cinnamon and sugar. Definitely worth a try next time you are at the game.

The second item of note is from an old favorite. Cactus Corn is back for the 17th season and is as good as ever. Their kettle corn is great but my personal favorite is the candy-coated almonds, which are absolutely amazing. The almonds are coated fresh before every game and fill the concourse with the sweet smell of cinnamon. For this season the almond machine has been moved to the upper deck but fresh almonds are brought to the first level several times per game. Definitely would try these if you have not already.

The field looks amazing and it’s a great place to watch a game. If you don’t have tickets for the upcoming season yet now is a great time to get some for the upcoming series against the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets that begins April 11th.

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