1999 Off Season

Happy Spring Training Eve

This is one of those red letter calendar days that is filled with anticipation. As a kid, there were a few holidays that were more special than others. Who can forget the butterflies and excitement surrounding Christmas Eve when you just knew you were going to get that G.I. Joe with the life-like hair and the kung-fu grip? Or what about the night before Thanksgiving when you knew that morning would bring the Macy’s Day parade and the...

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This Old Desk

Well, I finally have all of the pieces of my new computer system. I have all of my files transferred from the old system to the new. I have all of the new peripherals installed and working. All that is left is to place the pieces in my desk and get to work. I moved the desk which in and of itself is no easy task since it weighs about 350 pounds. Once pulled away from the walls, I took my old computer apart and moved it upstairs for the kids...

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You Would Think I Would Learn

As Valentines Day arrives, I was feeling pretty good about myself. I had remembered that it was Monday and had even done a little shopping. Armed with a card, flowers, candy, and a gift; I was going for major points. A guy has so few opportunities to get out of the dog house, he has to make the most of it. I had gone all out. I even had a card especially made from one of those machines. I don’t presume to be a poet but my heart was in the...

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Read All About It

Groggy from another late night working on the computer. I use the term loosely since I spent a couple of hours last night watching The Matrix on DVD on the computer. Hey, a guy has got to test doesn’t he? I wandered out the front door this morning in my Diamondbacks pajamas with my Goofy slippers on to retrieve the newspaper. There across the street was my neighbor watering his lawn. “Geez, is that all that guy does is water is...

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Diamondbacks Magazine

As a special favor to me today, the kids all in unison went down to the mail box (Dakota of course had to wear his snow gear just to be like Dad) to gather the mail. I of course was still sprawled out on the floor. Partly from exhaustion due to staying up all night playing on the new computer and partly from shock that the kids were getting the mail without being asked. When they came back, the marched in parading by size through the front door...

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Cooking with Gas

I’m sitting in a meeting this afternoon when I received a page from Trina. “Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a bouncing baby Hewlett Packard 9690c Computer!” That message brought a tear to my eyes. I have been waiting what seems like an eternity for my new computer to arrive. What started two months ago as a search to see if there was something a little faster and a little bigger on which I could develop Now Hitting...

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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

I’ve seen Mike Tyson fight, I’ve watched the WWF Monday Nitro, I have even seen the Ultimate Fighting Championship on Pay-per-view but nothing could have prepared me for the events of today. New Year’s Day, Trina and I had purchased a bunk bed for the kids. We had expected delivery later that week. As of today, we were still awaiting delivery. This shopping experience has been a nightmare as the company either delivered...

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Packed and Ready to Go

With opening day only 55 days away, I have a lot to do. I got into the closet today and pulled out the seat cushions. I better start getting these packed if I want to be ready when the Diamondbacks open the season on April 4 against the Philadelphia Phillies. On one hand it seems like only yesterday that I was watching the Diamondbacks in the playoffs against the New York Mets. On the other hand, I can hardly remember what it is like to be...

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Post Cards from Paradise

After a hard day, I made my way home. As I sat down on the couch Trina yells from the kitchen. “Hey Nanook the mail is on the counter!” Well, it seems my demonstration did have some lasting effect since I didn’t have to beg for the mail today. I reached the pile and began rummaging through it. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the worst. If I see one more add for carpet cleaning, I think I am going to Ralph! Then I came to a stack...

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