2000 Season

eBay Watch

One of the fastest growing markets within the Internet is in the area of on-line auctions. The largest of service provider for these auctions is eBay. I had not really looked into this service since I really had no idea that I was in need of anything. I did not realize how wrong I had been. I began as an amused observer as I watched auctions begin and end and before long, I began to wonder what types of things were out there that I may be...

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Ringing In the New Year

Remember a year ago when everyone was panicking about they Y2K bug? And do you remember when January 1 came and nothing happened? Remember how we all laughed at how silly everyone was for believing that everything was going to go wrong and we would be left in the dark without food? That was really funny until tonight. I had great plans to say farewell to 2000 and welcome 2001 and the new millennium. Slowly, each of those plans were shot...

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Attack of the Laser Pointer

It has been an interesting holiday season. This is Dog Dot Com’s first Christmas and we have been wondering how a puppy would fair with all that will be going on. Now I am not an idiot or at least I try to persuade myself that I am not so I did take precautions with a new dog in the house. The Christmas decorations that matter have all been placed above Dakota and Dottie muzzle reach. When it came to the tree, this meant that we had no...

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The Six Words You Don’t Want To Hear

I have not been feeling well for the past several days and finally relented and had Trina make me a doctor’s appointment. I am not sure why but I have a deep seated fear of doctors and hospitals. Perhaps it is because I have spent so much time there having something stitched, taped, cast, plugged or removed. Whether it was an emergency asthma attack or a broken bone from playing ball, I spent a lot of my childhood in a waiting room...

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I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

There is word coming out of Milwaukee today that Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig fell on the ice in his driveway breaking his kneecap. Everyone within baseball is wishing the commissioner a speedy recovery as he was rushed to the hospital for surgery to repair his knee. It is an unfortunate accident that always seems to happen during the icy winters in the midwest, or does it? This story seems all to coincidental if you ask me. I am beginning...

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It is amazing what a guy will do to go and check out the seats at Bank One Ballpark. It has been 75 days since I have been in the ballpark and it will be another 108 days until opening day. Today though offered me an exciting opportunity. The United States Women’s Soccer Team was playing a match at Bank One Ballpark this afternoon against the Japanese National Team. I immediately got a ticket to this match. Don’t get me wrong, I...

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A Kodak Moment

There are a few things that a father never quite gets over. At the top of this list is your daughter dating. It does not matter who she is dating, he is never quite good enough for his little girl. That is the case with Ashley. Tonight is the winter dance at school and she has a date. He is a nice kid and Ashley seems to like him. I on the other hand merely tolerate anyone touching my daughter’s hand and I do not want to know anything...

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I Can See the Mall From Here

As I get up this morning, I glance over to the Christmas Countdown clock that Trina has put up in order to save her sanity. After having 5 kids ask on a daily basis how many more days until Christmas, she decided it would just be easier to write it on the board. If nothing else, it has saved her from repeating herself 6 times. I had to look at the countdown twice. Surely that cannot be right, there has to be more than 10 days until Christmas....

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Doctor It Hurts When I Do This

There are few things that a man hates worse than going to the doctor. I am not sure why we behave this way. Perhaps it is a matter of trying to show we are tough, perhaps it is a fear of needles and the possibility of having a shot, or just maybe it is the memory we all have of the first colon examination we had. In my case, I think it is a combination of all of the above. I would rather be drug behind a car for several miles than have to see a...

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