2001 Post Season

Diamondbacks 9 Mystique 1

Leading up to game 1 of the World Series, I listened to the radio, television, and print as Sportswriters and broadcasters touted their baseball knowledge of what to expect from the series opener. “A classic pitching duel” “An even match-up that would go extra innings to be decided” “The Yankees will prove why they are the World Champions” So with all of the hype being mounted upon this series and this game,...

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World Series Eve

With game one of the World Series only a day away, I find myself pacing back and forth like a caged animal. I have no idea why. It is not like it is me that is facing Mike Mussina or chasing down a Bernie Williams fly ball in the outfield. Regardless, I am on edge. So I decided that I needed to relax and try to take my mind off of the upcoming game. Maybe I would watch television, which is a good way to unwind and put my brain on hold. Each...

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We Fear No One

As this week has progressed, baseball fever has become contagious around Arizona. You literally cannot walk around Phoenix without seeing someone with some type of Diamondbacks item displayed. Whether it be a hat, shirt, flag or tattoo; these people are genuinely getting into the notion of their team being in the World Series. But another concept has also been introduced. One that is so twisted and wrong that it is inconceivable that such a...

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Setting the Rotation

With the Diamondbacks clinching the National League Pennant so early, manager Bob Brenly has the advantage of setting his pitching rotation to how it will best fit the opposition. I am sure that Bob took a lot of time and effort in coming up with this rotation after carefully weighing all the options with Bob Welch the Diamondbacks pitching coach. Having watched the Diamondbacks all season, I too had some ideas when it came to who would be...

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Have Trophy Will Travel

I have to give the Arizona Diamondbacks credit. They are very fan oriented. Today was a great case in point. After clinching the National League pennant on the road, the Diamondbacks wanted to share their experiences with the fans. It was decided that perhaps the team would allow the fans into Bank One Ballpark to watch practice. I am not sure exactly how many people team officials thought would come down to watch the players take infield...

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Oh Great, the Yankees

Now that the Arizona Diamondbacks are in the World Series, it is time to find them an appropriate opponent. I found that I had renewed interest in the American League Championship Series now that the Diamondbacks have clinched the National League pennant. I am really torn on who I would like to see the Diamondbacks face in the World Series. On the one hand, the Seattle Mariners would be great. There are all kinds of story lines that would be...

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Somebody Pinch Me

It seems like only yesterday that I was attending the Major League Baseball Expansion Draft that was held in Phoenix Arizona on November 18, 1997. On that date, the Arizona Diamondbacks were officially born. Oh sure, the team was awarded on March 9, 1995 but it really wasn’t official to baseball fans until the team had players. I remember sitting there listening as each draft pick was made digging through baseball reference books as I...

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Bad News Braves

Sometime before game four of the National League Championship Series, the Atlanta Braves decided that instead of playing the baseball game, they would present a tribute to one of the outstanding baseball movies ever made, the Bad News Bears. This was an interesting idea considering the Arizona Diamondbacks had decided to pitch Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Lopez for this game against the Braves ace. But who am I to argue? So instead of a baseball review,...

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The Schilling Fields

I am sure that Atlanta Braves fans everywhere were excited to return home to Turner Field with the National League Championship Series tied 1-1. I am sure that they were encouraged at the thoughts of an 8-1 whooping of the Diamondbacks. After all, the Diamondbacks have scored only 3 runs this entire series. Obviously, Arizona was going to be in a world of hurt now that they would be playing the next three games at the TED. The problem with all...

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