2006 Regular Season

It’s Not Over Is It?

It’s always tough when this day arrives each year. After spending 83 days at Chase Field watching at a minimum 747 innings of baseball, it is hard to say good bye. I always feel as though I am leaving home go to away to school. Sure you can come back for holidays or to have a home cooked meal (in this case that means Friday’s Front Row grill) but you ultimately have to go back to school and you just can’t wait for the year to...

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The phone rang at the house and the kids all rushed to the caller ID to see who was calling since each of them was sure that the incoming call was for them. I am not sure how we ever lived without Caller ID since no one in our house ever thinks to just pick up the phone and say hello to see who is on the other line. In this case the display read, “Arizona Diamondbacks”. “Dad, it’s for you!” I am not sure why they...

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Friday Night Lights

Last night’s game was a debacle as nothing seemed to go right for the Diamondbacks. In what may have been his last start as an Arizona Diamondback, Miguel Batista was rocked lasting only 3 1/3 innings and allowing 7 runs on 8 hits. This was probably not the impression he wanted to leave with the Diamondbacks nor potential suitors for his services in 2007. With the score 7-0 as he left, it was a big hole to try and dig out of. The...

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Boys Are Back In Town

The upcoming four game home series that concludes the 2006 regular season has all the makings of a three-ring circus. It should have something for everyone. It will mark the final games in a Diamondbacks uniform for Luis Gonzalez and probably Craig Counsell. There are rumors swirling that this may be the only season that catcher Johnny Estrada will have with the Diamondbacks and Miguel Batista will be a free-agent meaning he too may not return....

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San Francisco Youth Discussion

After splitting the first two games of the series with the San Francisco Giants, the Diamondbacks find themselves in the same position as they did in the San Diego Padres series and the Los Angeles Dodgers series. That means that the team had to win today to take the series when they should have been playing for a sweep. Each of the games that the Diamondbacks have lost on this road trip was very winnable yet here we sit with a record of 3-5....

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Wow She Must Really Love Me

Last weekend we received word of an emergency which required our attention. My wife Trina and daughter Mallorie immediately got in the car to travel to be with family. Due to scheduling conflicts, I was forced to stay at home with the younger kids. Although the family was separated we remained in contact with each other via cell phone. Over the next few days things subsided and returned back to normal giving Trina and Mallorie an opportunity to...

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Barry Barry Bad

There are some times that for unexplainable reasons a player just has a team’s number. It would be safe to say that Jason Schmidt has had the Diamondbacks number. Since 2002, Schmidt has established an amazing 11-0 record against Arizona while maintaining a 2.93 ERA. It doesn’t matter who the Diamondbacks start against Schmidt the results always seem to be the same. So when Arizona arrived in San Francisco and saw the pitching...

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Nomar Home Runs!

The Diamondbacks find themselves in the same position they were in the San Diego series. After losing the first game they came back on a fine pitching performance by Miguel Batista to take game 2 by the score of 9-3. This meant that today’s game would be the deciding factor for this series. The Diamondbacks sent out Livan Hernandez to the mound to face Hong-Chih Kuo whose record for the season is 1-5 with a 4.12 ERA. This match-up...

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I Wish I Were Color Blind

As I had discussed in an earlier blog entry titled “How Could They Do This?”, the Arizona Diamondbacks have made the decision to change their color scheme from purple, turquoise, and copper to a new color scheme of Sedona red, black, and sand. This has been a real sore spot with me as I really like the purple and turquoise. It also meant that I would have to go on a major spending spree to replenish my wardrobe when the new...

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