2007 Regular Season

A September to Remember

A mere 182 days ago the odyssey of the 2007 Major League Baseball regular season began. The Arizona Diamondbacks travelled to Denver Colorado to face the Colorado Rockies. This series contained the hopes and dreams of the franchise as well as its loyal fan base. When your favorite team begins the season on the road it is almost an unbearable situation. Each game seems to last an eternity and you are frustrated by the thoughts that other...

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Rocky Mountain High

Oh what a difference one day makes. Yesterday live was filled with fear, frustration, and an overall sense of impending doom. Although the Arizona Diamondbacks had their ace Brandon Webb on the mound there was still grounds for worrying since Webb’s numbers this season against the Rockies were not exactly Cy Young worthy. I know I should have had a positive attitude and confident at the Diamondbacks chances but when you are playing a team...

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Where It All Began

April 2nd seems like so long ago. We had so many hopes and dreams for the 2007 season. There I was in Denver Colorado eagerly awaiting what I hoped would be an exciting beginning to a 162 season. The core players for the Arizona Diamondbacks were young and inexperienced. I was hoping that this season would give them the opportunity to learn what the Major League game was like so that they could parlay that into a serious play-off run in 2008....

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Pirates and the Caribbean

About the only thing lacking from this three game series with the Pittsburgh Pirates was a visit by Captain Jack Sparrow. Over the course of the first two games the boys from Pittsburgh pillaged and plundered the treasure chest of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Obviously someone forgot to read their script. This was supposed to be a romantic comedy not a swashbuckling adventure film. The Diamondbacks were to play the part of the lovable clean-cut...

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Waiting Patiently By the Door

It has been five days since our household was put on alert. According to the intelligence that has been gathered we could expect contact with the courier at any time between now and Friday. I woke up well before the sun rose over the horizon this morning. Sleep was the farthest thing on my mind. I laid there in bed thinking about what I should expect and planning for the potential rendezvous with the double agent. Without realizing it I began...

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I Have No Fingernails Left

It’s interesting how many things in your life seem to intertwine. I have several hobbies that on the surface seem to be unrelated. For example I used to race downhill mountain bikes where speeds would reach more than 70 miles an hour and one lapse of judgment could result in meeting trees and rocks up close and personal. Mountain bikes evolved into motorcycles and with it the pain and injuries also seemed to rise exponentially. Once while...

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State of the Home Stand Address – September 17-23

Today marks the first day after the ending of a home stand and that can mean just one thing; it is time for the final installment of the State of the Home Stand Address. This has become a season long series where I attempt to look back over the previous home stand and identify things that went well, things that didn’t go well, and things around the ballpark that may have changed. The home stand going from September 17 through September 23...

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Eighty-one Days of Joy

It seems like only yesterday that I was eagerly awaiting delivery of our season tickets that would signify our troop readiness to PLAYCON 5. I remember fondly carefully opening that package and seeing the booklet that contained tickets for each home game of the 2007 season. I reverently turned each page admiring the artwork and tried to imagine what each game would be like. At that time September 23 seemed like an eternity away. So many things...

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Beginning in 1998 the Arizona Diamondbacks have always held a promotion during the final weekend series of the season. This promotion is called “Fandemonium!” and is an opportunity for the team to recognize the fans and thank them for their support. Unlike other promotional giveaways that are received as you walk into the gates, “Fandemonium!” is carried out throughout the game as a series of prizes that are rewarded to...

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