2008 Regular Season

Razor Thin

With 17 games remaining in the season you hate to start labeling individual contests as “must win” but after a disastrous 0-6 road trip that took the Diamondbacks out of first place and put them 3.5 games behind the suddenly red-hot Dodgers this game tonight would definitely rank right up there in importance to the Diamondbacks season. It was not just important to the team, it was equally important to Brandon Webb. Webb has been...

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Middle School Meet Dakota

Our son Dakota is now in sixth grade which in Arizona means that he is no longer in elementary school and is now in middle school. I totally don’t understand the middle school concept. Back in my day we didn’t have a middle school. We kept sixth graders in the grade school. Seventh, eighth, and ninth grades went to Junior High then there was high school. Of course in my day we had to walk 20 miles in the snow to get to school and we...

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The Comedy of Errors

I was really hoping that the Diamondbacks had somehow gotten to the end of their losing streak. Not only was a 5-game losing streak bad for team morale, it wasn’t doing much for my marriage either. Trina and the kids were getting less happy every day. I was getting stressed about the team too but they were taking things much harder. I admired them for their outlook but quickly realized that the losing had nothing to do with how poorly the...

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The Curse of the Razor Blade

There comes a time in every man’s life where desperation takes control over your mind. It is usually at a time when things look the darkest that you begin to assess what you thought was reality and what was really just a delusion. These are the times when you learn the most about yourself. Are you the kind of person who will shun these calls to action and cower in a corner or will you be the type of person who will take the situation by...

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A Giant Disaster

After a nightmare series against the Los Angeles Dodgers I was really grateful to see the Diamondbacks leave southern California and go north to San Francisco. Before the season began the San Francisco Giants were picked by most to finish last in the National League Western Division. They have done much better than most people had expected and are actually ahead of the San Diego Padres by 7.5 games. If there were ever a time to be grateful to...

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Did I Miss the Parade?

While I was in Los Angeles at the Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers series my family was at home. Before anyone thinks I am a heel for not taking my family with me to Los Angeles let me assure you that me being gone for 2 days is a vacation for them so it all works out best. I’m one of those guys that you need to dilute a little. Me at full strength is definitely not for the faint of heart. While I was there I did call and check in with the...

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My Dodger Stadium Observations

Today is day 2 of the much anticipated road trip to Los Angeles to watch the Diamondbacks face the Dodgers. After last night’s loss the Diamondbacks find themselves just 0.5 games ahead of Los Angeles. With Brandon Webb on the mound the Diamondbacks fans were feeling fairly confident that they would keep their hold on first place. The problem was that nobody told the Dodgers that this was Brandon Webb, leading Cy Young candidate. For the...

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Hitting the Road with the Team

For the past several weeks I have been looking at the calendar lamenting at how September was quickly approaching. There were of course positives to this like the kids would be back in school, the monsoon season would be over meaning Arizona would return to being a “dry heat”, and I would soon be able to begin preparation for Seat Relocation which has become an annual ritual where I get to spend time at Chase Field trying to decide...

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State of the Home Stand Address – August 29-September 3

The Arizona Diamondbacks just completed a crucial home stand that was supposed to give us an insight as to who this team is and what we can expect. After going 3-3 over the six games I’m afraid we don’t know much more than when we started. The Diamondbacks have an off day today before starting a critical weekend series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Just a game and a half separate these two teams in the standings so this series has...

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