Facing a Dilemma

It never fails, whenever you think you have finally figured out some of answers of life they go and change the questions sending you back to square one. When the year began we decided that we would plan one grand vacation for the family.

After holding a rather long and drawn out meeting where each of the kids brought forth their ideas for the perfect vacation we voted on where the destination would be. Despite my best arguments my idea of going to the Arizona Diamondbacks Fantasy Camp only received one vote. I still question whether or not there was voter tampering but I can’t prove it.

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Baseball is not just a sport. It is a roller coaster of emotion that will tear at your very soul if you let it. With each win or loss you find yourself ecstatic or suicidal. I listen to Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson talk about “maintaining an even keel”. I understand what he is saying, I just have no idea who you do that.

It’s not just the games that cause this roller coaster ride. Take this week for an example. The Diamondbacks began their final home stand of the regular season. Before going to the ballpark I remove that day’s game tickets from the folder and put them with my seat cushion to take to the ballpark.

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