A Dry Heat

Realignment, We Won’t Take It!

On January 16, 1997, the Arizona Diamondbacks became the newest member of the National League West. At that time, it seemed like a natural fit with geographic rivalries and a history of National League through the Phoenix Firebirds and the influx of Chicago residents who now live here. Jerry Colangelo worked long and hard making his case for the Diamondbacks to be placed in the National League. The other owners agreed, or so it seemed. Even...

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A Time for Healing

“Released pitcher Bobby Chouinard.” Never have four little words ever carried so much emotion. For anyone outside of Phoenix, that is all they would see when perusing the Major League Baseball transaction log. Unless they followed the team closely last year, they may never even know who Bobby Chouinard is. But those who have been following the events of the past six weeks know that this is only the end of chapter one of this saga....

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On the Runway with the Models

Oh, the sights and sounds of spring are in the air. The models are all dressed in the latest fashions as legions of fans and potential customers oh and ah at the latest wares. No, this is not Paris or New York, it is Denver Colorado and the Rockies new uniforms have been unveiled. Colorado joins the ranks of Houston as the newest teams to sport dapper new uniforms. Gone are the days when teams had one jersey and one hat. Now it is all about...

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Would You Like Some Cheese with that Whine?

In this day and age, baseball players change teams more often than Dennis Rodman changes hair color. The Free Agent Era has produced a boon in several industries. For example, with all the player movement fans are nearly required to buy a game day program just to see who is now on the roster. The team seamstress is now making overtime as well sewing on all of the names of the new players. With the changes, there is also a need for the media to...

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Chouinard Gives Up Another Hit

Typically, I try to keep this column light and loose but I have to make an exception in this case. For those who have not followed the developments, this is supposedly how the story unfolded. On Christmas, Bobby Chouinard and his wife were at a friend’s house. Bobby had been drinking when they ran out of beer. He asked his wife to go out and get more beer. She stated that he had been drinking enough and refused. Later when the couple...

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Player and Fan Loyalty

During the long winter months, baseball fans in many parts of the country sit huddled around their fireplaces hoping and praying for any baseball news. Winter is a time of slumber, a time to dream of what might be when spring flowers begin to bloom in Arizona and Florida. For fans, it is a time to ponder the moves their favorite club may make to be a contender or win a championship. But it is also a time when teams can do the most damage. Not...

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