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Hi thanks for stopping by my blog. I know there are millions of web pages across the web so I am feeling pretty honored that you Jeff Vertical would take a moment to stop by mine. As you can probably guess, I am not at the blog at this time.

If today’s date is anywhere from mid-February through early-November I am probably at a baseball stadium somewhere watching a game. If it’s the off-season well I really have no excuse for not being here other than the fact that I haven’t done a single thing on my wife’s “honey do” list so I am either trying to get caught up or I am hiding.

If you would like to leave your name, email, and a brief message I’ll be happy to return your message when I get back. If you have ideas or areas you would like me to cover on this site or any of my others please let me know. I am always open for new ideas or new opportunities.

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