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One of the most anticipated moments each year is when the Arizona Diamondbacks release their promotional schedule. I already plan on attending every home game of the season but we have two season tickets which means someone is going with me. That someone in many cases is determined by the promotional schedule. As a husband and father I will usually take my wife or one of my kids to the ballpark. In the early years of the Diamondbacks it was much simpler. I have five kids and a wife so someone was usually trying to get out of the house and would go to the game. My oldest daughter has now graduated from college and is married. My next two daughters are likewise graduated from high school and are attending college out of state. This leaves my youngest daughter, my son, and my wife to divide up the games. Considering that my daughter has very little interest in baseball and you begin to see my dilemma. This is where the promotional schedule comes in.

Although my daughter is not yet a diehard baseball fan (I am holding out hope that she still becomes one) she is interested in other things and there are times when those other things are covered by the promotional schedule. The one thing that all the kids and Trina seem to agree on is that bobble head days are a must do. In fact even my two out of state college-age daughters have rearranged their schedules to be back in time for some of the bobble head games. I therefore have to purchase extra tickets for those games so that the whole family can attend.

This year’s promotional schedule showed five bobble head giveaways. The first will be April 25 when Justin Upton will get a bobble head likeness. This will be followed up on May 30 for Stephen Drew Bobble Head day. Just before the All-Star break on July 11 catcher Chris Snyder will have his bobble head day. September is a huge month with two bobble head giveaways. The first will occur on September 12 when Tony Pena gets a bobble head. The last giveaway of the season will occur on September 26 and that is the one that has my family excited.

The last bobble head giveaway is Fan Voted. This means that the fans will be able to choose who will be the final bobble head given at Chase Field in 2009. Currently on the Diamondbacks web site the voting is opened and fans are free to select from: Augie Ojeda, Chad Qualls, Mark Reynolds, and Max Scherzer. This is a huge responsibility that the kids are taking very seriously. There has already been campaigning done by the kids and surprisingly by Trina. They each have their own reason for choosing who they want to see as a bobble head. They have begun rallying their friends to vote for their candidate in hopes of swaying the vote and seeing their pick chosen to be given away.

Trina has given her support to Augie Ojeda. The diminutive Diamondback has the heart and soul of a gamer. She loves his grit and determination as well as his willingness to do whatever the team asks. This is the type of individual that solidifies a team which is why Trina is asking everyone to vote for Augie Doggie.

Whitney has thrown her support behind Mark Reynolds. He has his distracters who point to his deficiencies defensively as well as his tendencies to strike out. That does not deter him from doing what is right and making himself better. He has the power to change the game with one swing and is playing with determination that he can overcome whatever difficulties he faces. She is asking all of her friends to support the local sheriff.

Dakota is standing behind his pick of Chad Qualls. What better way to end a season than with your closer. Qualls is being counted on to shut down the opposition and bring victory at the end of each game he enters. We should return the favor and close the season by voting for the closer. After all Qualls always enters the game after Tony Pena.

This leaves Max Scherzer; the young fireball pitcher who was electric when he came up last season. After giving Diamondbacks fans a glimpse of what to expect Scherzer earned the final spot in the starting rotation this season. The coaching staff wants to monitor him closely and not over work him since they have big plans for him not just in 2009 but for years to come. So when the dust clears don’t bet against Mad Max. To paraphrase Tina Turner, “four men enter one man leaves” for me that one will be Max Scherzer whose bobble head will stand above the others.

Well there you have it, compelling reasons why each candidate deserves to be a bobble head. Voting goes through May. You can find the link on the Diamondbacks web site under Fan Vote Bobble Head Sweepstakes. So practice the old adage of Chicago politics and vote early and vote often.



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